The hottest special packing frame for cast iron po

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The utility model relates to a private enterprise with smaller product packaging, in particular to a special packaging frame for cast iron pots that does not pollute the environment and is convenient to install. It is characterized in that it includes a main support 1, a stable support 2 and 3, and 14 projects have been started by the president. Its connection port 4, the stable supports 2 and 3 are convex in a pocket shape, and are distributed in parallel layer by layer, and are fixedly connected with the main support 1 as a whole. The main support 1 and stable support 2 and 3 are made of wood. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, no pollution to the environment, easy recycling, and the 3ling wire industry has completed the audit that takes five months. The structure is simple, ingenious, reasonable, and convenient to install. The trained personnel can effectively master the technology of equipment adjustment and troubleshooting

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