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According to relevant reports, it was recently learned from Yuxi Xuri Plastic Co., Ltd. in Yunnan Province that the dfda-18, a special material for polyethylene greenhouse film of Guangzhou Petrochemical Company, has been successfully industrialized in 2008. The results of the industrial trial are satisfactory. Its products have good light transmittance and puncture resistance, and fully meet the quality standard of the company's "longevity greenhouse film" for 3 years

the successful industrial trial of dfda-1808, a special material for greenhouse film, is of great significance to further optimize the current polyethylene product structure, develop new product markets, and improve economic benefits, which will drive the demand for vanadium to increase significantly

"this material can drive the flight under the illumination of various light sources, including sunlight. The greenhouse film produced by you is of reliable quality, and we are willing to buy your product!" The chairman of Xuri Plastic Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in the production of greenhouse film for many years, expressed his willingness to further cooperate. This speech made the Guangzhou Petrochemical new product development team present very happy. On June 18, Zhang Yingzhen, the deputy director of the Technology Development Department of the branch, and Zhang linxuan, the polyethylene product manager of the Chemical Sales South China branch, led the technicians to the company for the test of special materials for greenhouse film

at the beginning of this year, the technicians of the second chemical department of Guangzhou Petrochemical learned from the South China branch of chemical sales that the market demand for film for tobacco, tea and flowers in Yunnan is strong, and its high-end greenhouse film raw materials mainly rely on foreign imports or come from far away from the North, with high transportation costs and prices. After learning this information, the second chemical industry department reported to the relevant departments of the company in time. Under the guidance of jiangliliang, deputy chief engineer of the branch, the polyethylene plant successfully developed more than 200 tons of dfda-1808 products for the greenhouse film market in Yunnan in mid April

"developing new products under tight production tasks is a test for the device, and a little negligence will affect the production progress of the whole month." Polyethylene director chenyulong said. On the basis of consulting a large number of professional materials of greenhouse film, the polyethylene product development team of the second Department of chemical industry has determined important parameters such as material ratio and additive formula through technical research, and formulated the dfda-1808 standardized operation plan to strictly control the production process and ensure that the production is safe

after successful product development, the new product development team actively develops the market. In May, customers in South China tried dfda-1808, and the feedback was good; On June 18, at the invitation of Yunnan Xuri Plastic Co., Ltd., the new product development team came to the site to carry out industrial tests, and had in-depth technical exchanges with the technical personnel of the company because of its electro-hydraulic servo control technology. In the next step, Guangzhou Petrochemical will further optimize material parameters and provide customers with higher quality products according to the information fed back by customers

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