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The special safeguard case stimulated the sharp fluctuation of the global natural rubber price by stimulating the sharp fluctuation of the global natural rubber price. On the 14th, the natural rubber contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange was sealed on the limit by countless sales orders at the opening, and the price of natural rubber on the three major global natural rubber pricing centers - Tokyo, Thailand and Singapore exchanges fell sharply

the Tianjiao contract of Shanghai Futures Exchange opened, and our previous work was blocked on the 5% limit. 6146 main contracts were traded in 1001, closing at 17710 yuan/ton. Compared with the previous transaction, today I will share with you a summary of how to make the change experimental machine give full play to the best working effect and the common sense of the safety protection of the experimental machine, which fell by 935 yuan; The main contract of rubber in Tokyo industrial products trading day closed at 189.8 yen/kg, down sharply by 11.76%; The main contract of RSS3 Tianjiao on the Singapore Mercantile Exchange fell to 210 cents/kg, down more than 5%; The main contract price of Tianjiao on the Thai agricultural futures exchange fell by more than 4%

natural rubber is an important raw material for the production of automobile tires. After the adoption of the special warranty, the global natural rubber market will be chaotic. China is the largest importer and consumer of natural rubber, and it is likely to significantly reduce the import volume of natural rubber

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