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Shanghai electric major equipment special research products appeared at the 10th Industrial Expo

Shanghai Electric implemented the State Council's "several opinions on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry", actively implemented major equipment science and technology research, and a number of brilliant achievements were exhibited at the 2008 China International Industrial Expo. Large scale clean energy products with energy conservation and emission reduction fully demonstrate the advanced style of leading enterprises in China's equipment manufacturing industry; The 16500 ton oil press, the largest in the world, is even more powerful, which is of great significance to the development of China's strategic industries such as nuclear power, thermal power, large ships, petrochemical metallurgy, aerospace, national defense and military industry

thermal power equipment has leapt to the international advanced level, developing from main engine to complete engineering.

the megawatt ultra supercritical thermal power generation units exhibited at this Industrial Expo represent the highest level of today's international thermal power generation technology. The development of megawatt ultra supercritical thermal power units is a key campaign for Shanghai Electric to implement energy conservation and emission reduction. Shanghai Electric digests and absorbs imported technology and carries out independent innovation. It has formed a first mover advantage in this high-end technology field, has dozens of technical achievements and independent intellectual property rights, and is renowned nationwide for its highest product parameters, best performance, most varieties and largest single machine capacity. Million kilowatt ultra supercritical units can reduce a lot of energy consumption, setting a new record in many indicators of domestic efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation. So far, Shanghai Electric has received orders for 50 sets of megawatt ultra supercritical thermal power units from 21 home appliance plants, including Yuhuan, Waigaoqiao, Beilun and Beijiang, and 11 units have been delivered to users

from the production of power station equipment to the implementation of power station projects, Shanghai Electric is the focus of the development of modern service industry. Over the years, Shanghai Electric has provided a number of high-quality engineering projects such as general contracting of large-scale power plant projects and complete sets of power plant equipment for Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries and regions, as well as domestic users in Hubei, Anhui, Shanghai, Hainan, Shanxi, Chongqing and Guangdong. In recent years, the power station engineering industry has positioned itself in the international market and maintained a continuous high growth trend. The number of projects undertaken and implemented has set a historical record, forming the core competitive advantage of project contracting and general contracting

in line with the development of advanced power generation equipment and complete sets of projects, the project of Shanghai Electric UHV equipment manufacturing base (super large transformer plant, we will mainly talk about how to calibrate and test) was started at the end of 2007. In September, 2008, Shanghai Electric and Areva power transmission and distribution group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on high voltage and UHV transformers and related joint venture contracts to jointly build and operate the project. The project uses Shanghai electric port base 2 × 700 tons of wharves, special railway lines and convenient transportation conditions, research and develop and manufacture the highest level power transformers (voltage grade 110kV ~ 1000kV), 500kV ~ 1000kV shunt reactors, ± 500kV ~ ± 100kV DC transmission converter transformers, oil immersed smoothing reactors, which meet the needs of the development of modern power industry characterized by large units, large power plants, large electricity and ultra-high voltage at home and abroad

the development of nuclear power is booming, and the supporting industries are closely followed.

nuclear power is a clean energy and an emerging industry vigorously developed by the country. Shanghai Electric closely adheres to and serves the national industrial policy, and takes the development of nuclear power as an important core industry

Shanghai Electric takes the lead in the manufacturing of reactor internals and control rod drive mechanisms in China. As the only manufacturer of reactor internals and control rod drive mechanism in China, Shanghai First Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric, has the capacity to produce 4.5 million KW reactor internals and control rod drive machinery per year. After capacity expansion in 2009, the capacity will be increased to more than 6 sets per year. The enterprise has successfully provided 6 sets of reactor internals and control rod drive mechanisms to domestic 300MW, 600MW, 1000MW nuclear power plants and 10MW high temperature gas cooled reactor projects of Tsinghua University. At present, it has undertaken 14 sets of reactor internals and control rod drive mechanisms for 600MW and 1000MW (including third-generation technology) nuclear power plants and 200MW high temperature gas cooled reactors

pressure vessels, steam generators, and pressurizers are also important components of nuclear power equipment. Shanghai Electric currently has an annual production capacity of 2.5 million KW pressure vessels, steam generators and regulators. The subordinate Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer of large-scale nuclear island equipment in China. It has successively undertaken the pressure vessels, steam generators and pressurizers of Qinshan Phase I, Qinshan Phase II, Pakistan chasima phase I, 10MW high temperature gas cooled reactor and other projects. At present, it undertakes the manufacturing contracts of pressure vessels, steam generators, pressurizers and other nuclear island main equipment for Qinshan Phase II (expansion), Pakistan chasima phase II, Hongyanhe, Ningde, Fangjiashan and other second-generation improvement projects, AP1000 third-generation support project, 200MW high-temperature reactor gas cooled reactor and many other projects

Shanghai Electric also has considerable production capacity for circular cranes and nuclear fuel delivery systems. The subordinate Shanghai lifting and Transportation Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. has provided nuclear fuel loading and unloading machines and auxiliary cranes, nuclear fuel pool cranes and gate lifting devices for Qinshan Phase I and Qinshan Phase II. At present, it cooperates with American par company to provide four 1000MW circular cranes for South Korea's new Valley nuclear power plant

nuclear power pump and valve, Shanghai Electric introduced a complete set of nuclear power pump and valve manufacturing technology from German KSB company. Shanghai Electric kesby nuclear power pump and valve Co., Ltd., a joint venture, mainly produces nuclear primary, secondary and tertiary pumps and nuclear secondary and tertiary valves, including 1000MW nuclear power main pump and nuclear secondary charging pump, residual heat removal pump, low-pressure safety injection pump and containment spray pump with second-generation improved technology; And nuclear level III emergency feed water pump, important service water pump and level II and level III valves

in the field of nuclear power instrumentation and control, Shanghai Electric is involved in engineering and technical services such as nuclear power engineering instrumentation and control system design, system integration, installation and commissioning, and can achieve the annual supply capacity of 12 sets of nuclear electrical instrumentation and control equipment. Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. is an instrument and control instrument manufacturing enterprise with the largest scale, the most complete product categories and the strongest complete system capacity in China. It has tens of thousands of nuclear power instruments and nearly 1000 sets of various nuclear power devices to provide Qinshan nuclear power, Guangdong nuclear power, Tianwan Nuclear Power, Pakistan stanchasima nuclear power and related nuclear power engineering projects. The joint venture Guohe Automation System Engineering Co., Ltd. will undertake AP1000 third-generation nuclear power instrumentation and control system engineering, complete supply of nuclear power instrumentation and control equipment, spare parts, operation technical support and other businesses

in the field of nuclear power conventional island, Shanghai Electric has the annual production capacity of 3 sets of AP1000 (or 2.5 sets of ERP) million KW nuclear power steam turbine generator units, as well as the corresponding supporting nuclear secondary and tertiary vessels and auxiliary machines, as well as the supply capacity of high-power ie level motors in million KW nuclear power plants. The main related enterprises of the subordinate power station group (Shanghai turbine plant, Shanghai generator plant, Shanghai power station auxiliary plant, Shanghai electric machinery plant) have successively provided steam turbine generator units, nuclear secondary and tertiary capacitors, heat exchangers and other auxiliary equipment for Qinshan Phase I 300MW Nuclear Power Plant and Pakistan Chashma phase I 300MW nuclear power plant. At present, the projects undertaken include Pakistan Chashma phase II steam turbine generator unit, Qinshan Phase II expansion project 600MW nuclear power plant generator, Yangjiang 1000MW nuclear power plant steam turbine generator unit

in order to meet the needs of the development of nuclear power, thermal power, hydropower, petrochemical metallurgy, aerospace and other strategic industries, and break through the technical bottleneck of long-term dependence on imports of large and extra large castings and forgings, Shanghai Electric invested heavily in technological transformation to successfully manufacture the world's first "Hercules" - 16500 ton forging press. This is the free forging hydraulic press with the highest forging capacity and level in the world at present. It is jointly designed by China Academy of heavy machinery and Shanghai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. and manufactured by Shanghai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Its forging capacity is 16500 tons, the maximum pressure can reach 18500 tons, the equipment height is 25.4 meters, and the body weight is 3600 tons. The equipment has gathered advanced technology of independent innovation, which is mainly reflected in: the use of international advanced oil pump direct transmission; Adopt three beam and four column prestressed frame structure; The mobile workbench adopts two-way asymmetric movement, with a stroke of 10 meters; Adopt anvil quick change mechanism; With a distance of 7.5 meters and a clearance height of 8 meters, the forging press is the world's largest span free forging press. The birth of 165MN free forging hydraulic press has made the manufacturing capacity of large castings and forgings of Shanghai Electric enter the international advanced ranks

Shanghai Electric can fully meet the production requirements of 1000MW nuclear power (including the third generation AP1000 and ERP technology) for the development of large castings and forgings to super large, overweight and high technology. At present, the subordinate Shanghai Heavy Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. has a casting and forging capacity of 720 tons of molten steel, 600 tons of steel ingots and 350 tons of forgings at a time; The annual output of main forgings of nuclear power heavy equipment is more than 5000 tons, which can meet the annual output of more than 2.5 sets of 1000MW nuclear island main equipment

Shanghai Electric takes the high-end route. Sec-2000 wind turbine is a new type of wind turbine jointly designed, developed and produced by Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. and the world-famous wind power design company aerodyn of Germany, with independent intellectual property rights. It includes sec- and sec- series models. Sec-2000 wind turbine is designed with advanced design concept, which will provide a complete series of wind turbine products for Chinese wind farms, so that the input and output can be optimized

Shanghai Electric has undertaken the general contracting of Sihe coalbed methane power plant project of Shanxi Jincheng coal industry group, a 120mW coalbed methane combined cycle power generation project with the largest installed capacity in the world. The project is a sub project of Shanxi Jincheng coal industry group using the Asian Development Bank CDM project loan to build and develop coalbed methane. Nguyen said that the utilization project is a large-scale environmental protection and resource comprehensive utilization project. The total installed capacity of the project is 120mW, of which 90% is coal-bed methane internal combustion generator set, and 10% is waste heat boiler with steam turbine generator set, forming a gas-fired steam combined cycle power generation to improve power generation efficiency. Footwear stripping performance test: stripping is the key to the quality of finished shoes to about 44%, and then through waste heat utilization, the energy utilization rate of the power plant can reach about 80%

the project was completed in 2008. After operation, it can reduce the harm of coalbed methane (gas) to coal mine safety production and turn harm into benefit; 70000 cubic meters of coal-bed methane can be reduced per hour, which can reduce the impact of carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to a 200MW Power Plant on the greenhouse effect, and a total of 4.5 million tons of carbon dioxide gas can be reduced every year; Effectively utilize clean energy from coalbed methane, reduce energy waste, and turn waste into treasure

Shanghai electrification waste to treasure also has a wonderful stroke, that is, Nantong Rugao 1500 ton/day domestic waste incineration cogeneration project, which is the first large-scale BOT project undertaken by Shanghai Electric in the field of environmental protection, and also the first comprehensive treatment project of regional environmental protection

Shanghai electric environmental protection group independently undertakes the main work of system design, environmental impact assessment, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, operation service and other links. The implementation of the project involves a complete range of environmental protection technologies, with leading technical content and model demonstration role in China. It not only solves the domestic waste treatment problem of residents from Nantong, Rugao, Tongzhou and Jingjiang, but also turns waste into 3D printing process, which is usually more suitable for environmental protection than other situations. All kinds of solid waste are produced in situ

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