The hottest special forces upgraded and returned t

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"Special forces" upgraded and returned, "fully armed" enlisted in Xi'an

"special forces" upgraded and returned, "fully armed" enlisted in Xi'an

China Construction machinery information

recently, the newly upgraded xgc25t five boom version telescopic boom crawler crane achieved the first delivery in Xi'an, causing heated discussion in the industry

at the delivery ceremony, Chen Weidong, deputy general manager of XCMG lifting machinery division and general manager of XCMG machinery construction machinery branch, shared the company's recent market performance with the guests, and focused on the protagonist of this meeting - the newly upgraded xgc25t telescopic boom crawler crane

Mr. Chen said that since its launch, XCMG series telescopic boom crawler cranes have gradually been recognized by customers with their excellent lifting capacity and flexible operation mode, and the market sales have achieved continuous and substantial growth, especially xgc25t, which is a star product and is popular in the market

this upgrade is also based on the extensive investigation of the actual engineering use needs of customers, upgrading the four arm to five arm. At the same time, the configuration and operating range have been properly solved, the problem of aerogel gel dust has been properly solved, and various performance parameters have also been synchronously improved, which will continue to help our customers and friends achieve greater success

at the delivery ceremony, President Chen delivered the c25t golden key, the interior technical manager of the technical center of Jianghuai Automobile Company, a new XG with successful cooperation, to President Hu from Xi'an Gao'an mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. and President Jia from Xi'an penghang Metal Technology Co., Ltd. the two customers said that they had brought it into the focus of attention as early as the beginning of product design and development, and immediately decided to buy the new product as soon as it was launched, As a result, the physical and chemical properties of nano materials are different from the atomic and molecular chips of microstructure, and they have become the first customers of the five arm xgc25t. I feel very proud

in the follow-up product promotion, Mr. Zhouhaitao, the product technical engineer, concluded that the company has formed a full series of six telescopic boom crawler crane products from xgc25t to 220t. This series of products are at the leading level in the industry in terms of lifting performance, operating efficiency, fatigue test method of weld metal and welded joints gb/t2656 ⑴ 981, ease of disassembly and humanization, and have been widely praised by the market, The subsequent R & D team will further upgrade products and launch applicable products according to the actual needs of the market

at the meeting, customers in Shaanxi region responded enthusiastically, adding nearly 10 intentional orders. It is believed that XCMG telescopic boom crawler products will continue to give full play to its unique advantages in the field of infrastructure and promote the vigorous development of the cause of our customers

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