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The special gift box has become the highlight of the time-honored brand Spring Festival

at the time of the Spring Festival, catering enterprises began to vigorously promote all kinds of new year's Eve meals. However, time-honored enterprises are particularly optimistic about the characteristic gift box market this year, and have launched their own Spring Festival gift boxes. We learned from the market that many time-honored catering enterprises have launched holiday gift boxes and semi-finished products with our own characteristics. Manager Jia of Jude Huatian company pointed out, "Jude Huatian time-honored brands have jointly launched a variety of grades of gift boxes and semi-finished products this year, which is to facilitate the people in Beijing to eat affordable time-honored flavor dishes at home and send a beautiful blessing to their relatives and friends during festivals."

it is not difficult to find that there are dozens of gift boxes on the market this year. Casserole restaurant has launched nearly 20 kinds of snack cakes, such as pea yolk and small bean cake. Many customers who buy more than 20 yuan of equipment using computer skills do not choose a PC to obtain 5.2 samples. The thickness measurement should be accurate to 0.01mm. Free gift box packaging. Quyuan restaurant, a century old famous Hunan restaurant, launched two kinds of "preserved meat gift boxes" of 85 yuan and 156 yuan, which are composed of carefully cooked bacon, preserved fish, Douchi pepper and a bottle of Xiangquan wine worth 32 yuan. On the first floor of the Halal Restaurant in Beijing, special dishes such as flower rolls, white sheep's head, soy tendon and so on are very popular. At the same time, eight large gift boxes of 68 yuan have been launched, among which Tangyuan, New Year cake fish, bean paste cake, morning tea cake have also been given the meaning of blessing. The eight items in the 300 year old barbecue Wan restaurant are also 68 yuan, which is unique. The gift box includes 36 items of food, such as special millet noodles, jujube clay bags, lotus leaf clips, and happy word cakes. Huguosi snack bar, the representative of Beijing snacks, has prepared snack gift boxes and snack baskets of different grades from 30 yuan to 80 yuan, more than 50 kinds of steamed goods and more than 100 kinds of snacks, which will become the theme of gift giving and food giving during the Spring Festival this year. Tongheju, which is famous in the capital for its "three non stick" and "braised sea cucumber with green onions", provides customers with more choices. From roasted steamed bread, silver roll, jujube cake to octopus, fruit flavored kidney beans and other more than 30 kinds of snacks for takeaway, you can "pack them as you like". Beef cake and peanut cake are the snacks that many customers must order. Tongchunyuan, one of the "eight Spring Festival", uses its famous dry cooked fish, stress displacement rice noodles and meat, plus beans, eight treasure rice and other delicacies to form its own 138 yuan "eight pieces", which is convenient for customers to buy during the festival

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