Beijing saiteng launched Saturn empty bottle inspe

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Beijing saiteng launched Saturn empty bottle inspection machine

Beijing saiteng Power Technology Co., Ltd. concentrated its advantages, broke through the technical bottleneck, and independently developed the first high-tech product with all intellectual property rights suitable for China's national conditions - Saturn empty bottle inspection machine

for many domestic beer production enterprises, recycled bottles are a very important resource. The sanitary quality of recycled bottles is related to the health of consumers, which is a problem that beer enterprises cannot underestimate. With the improvement of the degree of mechanization and automation of breweries, breweries began to use a large number of bottle inspection machines to inspect beer bottles. However, due to the low level of domestic consumption, the number of wine bottle recycling is high, and the product bottle shapes of various domestic wine bottle manufacturers are different, and they are worn out in the process of turnover. The proprietary technology of mixing and dispersion is very important for "functionalized" graphene (even if other chemical groups are combined with it), so the actual operation effect of foreign equipment is not very ideal, regardless of its small size. In addition, foreign inspection equipment is generally expensive and the operation cost remains high, which also adds a lot of trouble to domestic users

the Saturn empty bottle inspection machine launched by Beijing saiteng adopts a CCD camera ultra-high speed DSP image processing system, which has perfect functions and simple operation. Its technology ranks in the forefront of the same industry at home and abroad, and even surpasses foreign famous brands in some performance, with excellent cost performance

Beijing saiteng and Beijing Yanjing Beer Co., Ltd., Beijing Pepsi Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., Beijing unified Beverage Co., Ltd., Beijing Huiyuan food and Beverage Co., Ltd., Beijing five star Tsingtao Beer Co., Ltd., Beijing Asahi Beer Co., Ltd., Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd., Xuanhua bell tower Beer Co., Ltd., and many other beers This compact machine, a well-known enterprise in the beverage industry, can use various plastic materials to produce particles and fragments, and has established a good cooperative relationship with the industry. Among them, Beijing Yanjing Beer Co., Ltd. and Yanjing Beer Zhejiang Lishui Co., Ltd. are users of Saturn empty bottle inspection machine. Through the production practice test, Saturn empty bottle inspection machine is in good operation, and all technical indicators have reached or exceeded the level of similar imported brands. Boron

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