The hottest screen entrusts Konica Minolta to sell

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Screen entrusts Konica Minolta to sell its digital printing machine. On the other hand, Konica Minolta (USA) company's customers will have more product choices in the future. The company has reached a sales agreement with screen (USA) company. In the future, Konica jigs will move forward one step at a time in foreign countries, and there is a big difference in China. Konica Minolta will fully represent the high-end production truepressjet520 web inkjet printing system of screen

in this cooperation, Konica Minolta (USA) will use its direct sales team to sell truepressjet520 series inkjet digital printers with screens, so as to enter the high-end inkjet printing market. Konica Minolta is responsible for selling products including truepressjet520zz, truepressjet520, truepressjet520ex and truepressjet520ex monochrome, and the regional sales are in the United States

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