The hottest Scottish invention of machine milkers

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Scottish invention of machine milker

Scottish ice robot company has developed a new type of robot specially used for milking. It will be the world's first environmentally friendly and biodegradable mechanical device that can be put into commercial use and do biomimetic actions. This robot can imitate the natural milking action of milkers, milking cows at more regular and scientific intervals, and can solve the problems of insufficient farm staff. Once put into use, they will increase milk production by 20%

the existing milking device is expensive and difficult to operate. It is impossible to milk cows at a specific angle like this kind of machine milker. The machine milker completes the milking work through a flexible system similar to an elephant's trunk. It covers a rubber tube with a stainless steel tube on the cow's breast, just like using a soft but relatively loose pacifier to suck on the cow's nipple. There is a vacuum between the stainless steel tube and the rubber tube. Then it is installed on the vehicle with the change of vacuum pressure. With the change of vacuum pressure, the rubber tube is loosened and tightened regularly, and the cow is ready for the next experiment. The milk is squeezed out

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