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In 1998, Siemens AG issued a white paper on Industrial Ethernet and published its specification of industrial Ethernet in 2001, which is called PROFINET. PROFINET is an open industrial Ethernet standard formulated by PROFIBUS International Organization (PI) for automation. In the field of automation, Siemens's newly released s will replace s and become a very widely used modular small and medium-sized PLC system in the future. The core keywords of s are PROFINET and port communication. At present, s and s also have network communication ports that support PROFINET

about the relationship between and PROFIBUS, There is a simple and clear equation: PROFINET = PROFIBUS + open consistent communication with Profibus and the IT standard Ethernet + manufacturer independent engineering model + distributed automation through an open object model (PROFINET = PROFIBUS + maintain insulation effect with Profibus and it standard Ethernet non benign open real-time communication + engineering model independent of the manufacturer + realize distributed automatic control through open object model)

in addition to using HMI man-machine interface or SCADA configuration software developed by Siemens, industrial control users use other commercially available man-machine interfaces, graphene and other advanced carbon material touch screens and configuration software that have certain advantages for our province. Most of them use the network interface on s/400 and the principle of programming software STEP7 to develop MODBUS tcp/ip port communication protocol for network communication. It does not go deep into the communication core of PROFINET, so it is subject to certain restrictions, and end users feel that the performance is obviously poor. Previously, Pingtong company also communicated with Siemens PLC with ports through this traditional mode

however, the requirements of customers have always been the direction of the persistent efforts of the company. With the painstaking efforts of the professional R & D team day and night, we finally found the core technology of PROFINET communication. By constantly improving the neo-rtos operating system, through the bottom layer of neo-rtos, we can not only realize direct communication with Siemens s/splc through Modbus tcp/ip protocol. What makes us proud is that through the port, we can directly use PROFINET protocol to communicate with s directly, and can realize one machine with multiple screens, and the communication is stable

man machine support PROFINET communication advantages:

1, real-time communication

man machine itself is a closed real-time operating system, and communication is from the bottom of the system, not from the system platform. There are different levels of PROFINET communication, and time parameters, configuration data and interconnection information are transmitted in PROFINET through tcp/udp and IP standard channels. This is the prerequisite to meet the connection between the automatic network and other networks. The real-time channel called realtime (RT) transmits real-time process data in factory production. This channel runs in controller based software. For motion control (such as packaging machinery, printing machinery), using isochronous synchronous real-time technology (IRT) can make the clock jitter less than 1 s

2. Simple network installation and long communication distance

profinet network installation originated from the special needs of Ethernet in industrial environment. The PROFINET installation wizard provides factory structural engineers and operators with simple rules for installing Ethernet and related cables. While the screen connected man-machine has models with ports from 3.5-inch to 12.1-inch screens. Both ports can support PROFINET protocol, and the line can support long-distance communication

3. Make full use of IT integration

network management, including the functional management of PROFINET devices in Ethernet. This includes device configuration, network management and network diagnosis. In page integration, PROFINET makes full use of Ethernet basic technology to obtain the right to use PROFINET components through standard Internet technology. In order to maintain the connection with other systems, PROFINET supports OPC d2014a and DX. This also well supports industrial computers and other equipment of Ethernet communication. And successfully defined the fully transparent network conversion strategy from Fieldbus to Ethernet

4. An important feature of tolerant fieldbus integration

profinet is that it can seamlessly integrate other fieldbuses. Thus, the investment of equipment manufacturers, complete plant or machine manufacturers and end users is greatly protected. Therefore, screen connected man-machine supporting PROFINET protocol can also be seamlessly integrated into PROFINET with other field buses such as PROFIBUS DP. Its PROFIBUS products can be used in PROFINET based systems without any changes

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