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Silk plate workshop environment

for the silk plate workshop, such as data, a clean and tidy environment is very beneficial to production. However, most of the silk plate making workshops are arranged in a corner of the building. For many people, it is a mysterious place, and there are always some people doing strange things with high-pressure water guns there

when we enter a silk plate workshop, how do we usually feel? The first feeling may be noise, humidity, and dust. Maybe there are some strained silk, some of which are dried into templates, and some of which are not templates. We will also find that many wire frames are bent under great pressure. If we measure with a pressure gauge, we will find that their pressure range is 0-16n/cm

we may also find that there are many solidified coating solutions on the tank containing the coating solution, and the wires to be dried are leaning against the wall and being dried by the hot air blower

next, it also includes broader and deeper connotations such as management, system and corporate culture. We can't help but see many pictures of abused Yang, some on the table, some in the cabinet, some not on the ground, and there will be a big footprint on them. There is a layer of dust on the glass plate of the vacuum frame, and there are some disordered scratches on it. A white carbon black is adhered to the rubber blanket of the vacuum frame, which is a kind of filler and cover with reinforcing effect second only to carbon black. We will also find that the exposure lamp has already exceeded its service life, the light source monitoring device has broken, and the whole equipment has no device to block ultraviolet rays

after exposure, the silk also goes through the development stage. Here, untrained workers use high-pressure water guns to wash the parts without pictures and texts on the template. Then the silk was leaning against the wall, facing the dusty wind from the hot air blower

there is another terrible scene in the silk plate workshop. Silk and frames continue to be abused, which will be discussed later. The only instrument that works properly in the room is the clock on the wall

fortunately, the scene of most silk printing workshops is not as terrible as described above. Most people realize that template is the basis of silk printing, and it is very important to use various measuring instruments and other quality control methods in the whole process. The cleaning and maintenance of the workshop environment and the proper use of plate making and recycling equipment are very important for production

the bending of wire frame was mentioned earlier. Let's take a closer look at this problem. Although the box was carefully selected at the beginning, and the operation method is also very correct, so that it can withstand a certain amount of pressure. However, if the disassembly operation is improper, the pressure resistance of the frame will be reduced

for example, some companies use very hard metal frames. Then, after the wire is removed, the worker is likely to remove the residue stuck to it by grinding. After grinding, the wire frame will become very thin and its strength will be reduced. The wire will deform under the action of tension, making the pressure of the wire difficult to control and drooping during the printing process

the simplest solution is to use thin silk and quick drying acrylic cyanogen adhesive. However, this kind of glue needs a very clean and flat surface to firmly stick the wire to the wire frame, so you must be very careful when handling the wire frame

the thickness of the wire frame will be reduced by 30 microns every time it is polished, even when acrylic cyanogen adhesive is used. After many times of wire disassembly and assembly, the pressure that the frame can withstand must be reduced. It is for this reason that we usually say that the service life of the wire frame is about 20 times

to fully understand this situation, you can refer to the following example. Suppose we have a 60 × 40 inch metal frame. The pressure of this frame should be less than 25n/cm. Now suppose the price of this box is 1000 yuan. A 305 mesh silk for this frame is 450 yuan. After 20 times of wire disassembly, the money spent on the frame is still 1000 yuan, but 9000 yuan has been spent on the wire. In other words, the cost of the frame is 10% of the cost of silk

in a silk printing company with good management, each silk frame has a number, and it also records the type of silk it applies to and the degree of pressure resistance. Use the wire frame correctly from the beginning, and its compression error should be limited to about 2n/cm

in the process of using silk, one is to establish the concept of data tolerance, and the other is to measure frequently. For example, it is necessary to control the ink amount and the defined variation range, measure frequently, maintain the standard template thickness and maintain the stability of relevant factors (such as RZ value). Understand the exposure characteristics of the new batch of photoresist to ensure correct exposure. Confirm that the function of the exposure light source is normal, the light source monitor is normal, and the light source lighting should be uniform

in addition, formal drying equipment should also be used. One is used to dry the newly coated silk, and the other is used to dry the developed template. Dry and wet vacuum equipment should also be purchased. This vacuum equipment with fishtail groove is very useful for cleaning and degreasing. It can be used to remove the dirt and excess water on the silk. However, we do not encourage the use of this device to dry the water on the developed template. To clean up the moisture on the template in this way, you should use white cotton paper or inkless white newspaper that will not cause scratches or dust

compared with the past photosensitive emulsion, the quality of the present photosensitive emulsion has been greatly improved. However, once prepared, no matter how good the coating solution is, it also has a certain time limit. However, in the actual production process, the prepared photosensitive emulsion should be used up as soon as possible, because the longer the photosensitive emulsion is placed, the easier it is to change its exposure characteristics. Usually, the amount that can be used up within 24 hours should be configured. It should be noted that after taking out the emulsion, the lid of the tank should be covered immediately. Do not pour the unused emulsion from the tank back into the jar, but use another container to hold the used coating liquid. And the storage temperature of the coating liquid

excessive humidity is a potential hazard in the silk plate workshop. The humidity should be stabilized below 55% in the workshop. The manufacturer of the coating liquid will try to increase the humidity tolerance of the emulsion, but there is no lack of public awareness (34.48%) that is the stumbling block that the respondents think needs to be solved urgently. In the process of silk plate making, if the humidity changes too much, it will seriously affect the exposure time. Generally, the higher the humidity, the longer the exposure time

the production process of the template is a process of wetting first and then drying. Put the coated silk and the dried silk separately, and do not put them in the plate making and plate breaking area. The temperature of the workshop should be kept between 20-25 ℃. In the workshop where the vertical projection wire exposure system is used, humidity should be avoided. The cleanliness of its working environment is also very important

in short, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the workshop. Operators should wear overalls and hats, and do not eat in the workshop. Don't brush, suck or mop the floor in the process of silk plate making. In addition, dust caused by indoor air flow should be avoided

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