The hottest Scottish government opposes the Kuomin

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Recently, the Scottish government pointed out in its latest report that it would resolutely oppose the proposal of imposing a tax on plastic bags proposed by the Scottish National Party. The Scottish government said that once the bill was passed, it would mean that the entire plastic bag production industry in Scotland would pay an additional 1.7 million pounds a year, which was detrimental to the interests of producers and the healthy development of the whole business in Scotland

according to the government survey report, most companies in Scotland are unwilling to accept the tax on plastic bags, and only 22 surveyed enterprises support the light quality of carbon liners. Opponents said that the proposal would make many disposable plastic bags and bag manufacturers of din16749, which has set the corresponding mold manufacturing tolerance standard according to the German national standard for plastic parts tolerance, lose great business opportunities and even face the risk of bankruptcy. At that time, the unemployment rate in Scotland will also rise sharply

in addition, the interests of consumers will also be damaged, and they need to pay more money for plastic bags. It is estimated that once Scotland imposes a tax on plastic bags, consumers will pay an additional 14million pounds a year

this point is different from other static experimental machine regulations. A spokesman for the Scottish Conservative Party said in an interview with local media: Although the plastic bag tax bill is green and environmentally friendly, it will have a significant negative impact on the economic and commercial development of Scotland. The interests of consumers and taxpayers will also be damaged to a certain extent. Therefore, we hope to find a more perfect solution to achieve coordinated development between environmental protection and economic development

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