The five most popular cancer in coating industry

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The "five cancer" of the coating industry

the "five cancer" of the coating industry

July 24, 2014

[China coating information] the development speed of China's coating industry in recent years has been very rapid. In just over a decade, coating enterprises have blossomed everywhere, with tens of thousands of coating brands in the market, forming a situation of a hundred flowers blooming and competing for beauty. This scale is not only rare in the same industry abroad, but also unique in other industries in China. At the same time of rapid development, the marketing mode dominated by sales volume has also brought some disadvantages to China's coating industry. This kind of malady makes the brand foundation of Chinese coating enterprises extremely weak. In today's increasingly competitive market, coating enterprises that are not long-lived can everywhere design self-healing polyurethane elastomers (puds) containing 2 Sulfur bonds, showing the excellent optical properties of colorless and transparent

looking at the development of China's coating industry, there are mainly the following five disadvantages:

first, blind over birth and weak upbringing

perhaps due to the influence of the saying "many people have great power", there is a common problem in China's coating enterprises - serious over birth of brands. It is often a sign that has not yet been launched, they take advantage of the situation to regenerate several children, thinking that more children will win. Under the guidance of this concept, paint enterprises are indiscriminate. They will give birth to as many as they want. When the children are born, they find that it is not the case

due to the lack of brand planning in advance and the lack of ability to manage the brand and correctly guide the enterprise, the brand influence is weak, the product model and performance are similar, and the business model and advertising activities are the same, forming a situation of "every child grabs milk and eats less than enough". This practice, which does not consider the carrying capacity of the brand, but only based on the resource optimization of production and channels, has directly caused the serious lack of the core value of the brand while the enterprise is developing, leaving hidden dangers for the brand development

now many enterprises have begun to realize this and have sharply reduced their brands. But how many coating enterprises are still wandering between brand building and not building? After all, the palms and backs of the hands are all flesh. It will hurt to give up any one. In this regard, China resources should be a prophet. When China Resources played down the independence of "love" and "century pearl" and focused on one brand, several large paint factories in Shunde were still full of hope for their multi brand operation. This may be the main reason why China Resources became the first

II. Haodaxi's overall positioning is vague.

brand positioning should be targeted, and specific brand image should be used to attract specific target groups. For example, Nippon is positioned as latex paint in China's paint industry. Therefore, as long as latex paint is mentioned, consumers will immediately think of Nippon. However, many coating enterprises in China are reluctant to sacrifice their brand positioning and always spread their ideas. They believe that the larger the target market is, the greater the assurance of success will be

in actual operation, the lack of market comparison and analysis due to unclear target market and customers' thoughts and thoughts directly leads to the difficulty in forming and giving full play to the due competitiveness of coating brands. In terms of brand awareness and reputation, the current national coating brands can not stand in the same line with foreign coating brands for the time being

in fact, the sooner the title of "the largest country in paint production" comes, the more unfavorable it will be to Chinese paint enterprises. According to the current market pattern, how much market can Chinese painting enterprises seize? It is estimated that no one dares to make too high expectations. Obviously, Chinese coating enterprises are far from competing with international giants. The first thing that Chinese coating enterprises should do is to standardize their operation and management, improve their technical level and product quality, improve their service level, strengthen their internal skills, focus on the market, and make great efforts in brand marketing to win the recognition and trust of consumers

III. empty and boring lack of culture

brand culture refers to the impression of the brand in the eyes of the target consumers. It is a gift that transcends the commodity itself but can make the commodity different from its competitors. It can become a strong support point for consumers to complete their purchase behavior and virtually influence consumers' purchase behavior. At present, China's coating enterprises still focus on brand awareness, ignoring the participation of social public welfare undertakings and public relations activities, which are indispensable in brand image building, making the brand unable to attract attention in the performance of the structural reform on the supply side of mass communication

at present, there are more than 10000 paint brands in the domestic market. As "layman" consumers, they tend to be very blind when selecting and using. Among them, the rich cultural atmosphere created by Hong Kong Bauhinia paint can be said to be a model of cultural marketing in the coating industry. It guides consumers through the form of "lacquer art workshop", so its product display is not just a simple store, nor a product exhibition hall, but a new sales service model. Among them, "lacquer" is a product, "art" is a service, "workshop" is a new experiential market concept guided by Bauhinia lacquer. The emergence of "lacquer art workshop" has injected "culture" into the paint brand for the first time, which will further highlight the differentiated competition in the industry, so that consumers will no longer blindly turn the traditional consumption of "laymen" into "experts"

IV. concept hype is short-sighted and boasts itself

even if we take a step back, such concept hype may create good sales performance and even sales miracle in the short term, but it will do harm to the brand construction, which is a lesson from the past. I still remember the brands of Sanzhu oral liquid, Chinese soft shelled turtle, kongfujia liquor and so on. They really made a fire in China by relying on an advertisement, but all of them were defeated in the end. Now, with the maturity of the market, consumers are becoming more and more rational when buying products. Therefore, they just rely on the overwhelming bombardment of advertising and oneortwo inexplicable tricks to fool consumers. Even if your advertising is the loudest and plays the most times, consumers still don't buy your account

v. imitation is seriously lack of innovation.

imitation is a human instinct. The reason why human imitation has developed to this day. All innovation is also based on imitation. But imitation can only be said to be a way of learning. Blindly imitating others and ignoring the connotation of the enterprise itself, it is difficult for the enterprise to become stronger and bigger. In fact, at the beginning of development, many coating enterprises can completely put aside the strange circle of imitation, but the short-term interests have blinded the eyes of some coating enterprises. They feel that since imitation can achieve benefits, why bother to find a way out? In this case, many coating enterprises begin to imitate others from brand naming, R & D technology, product performance and sales mode. It seems that only in this way can enterprises not be eliminated by the market in a short time

in terms of product naming, there are countless products derived from the names of Nippon and Dulux alone, such as the brands of Nippon and Dulux. It is also the night after Nippon and Dulux launched the "three in one" and "five in one", almost all Chinese architectural coating manufacturers have "three in one", "five in one" or even "six in one" and "eight in one", with all the same functional characteristics. Others, such as the sales model, are almost completely copied. In the end, it is too late to find that imitation is not conducive to the development of the enterprise. The strange disease of imitation has become a disease. It is difficult not to imitate

these five disadvantages have directly invaded the body of coating enterprises and restricted the development of Chinese coating enterprises. The root cause of the disease is not external factors, but actually caused by the coating enterprises themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to tie the bell to solve the five ills of the coating industry. Only when the coating production reaches 20000 tons/year can the enterprise cure itself. Only when it cures its own disease can the coating enterprise win its place in the coating industry in the future development

although China has become the world's largest paint producer, China is not the world's largest paint producer. The gap between Chinese coating enterprises and foreign competitors lies not only in capital, technology and product quality, but also in brand influence, popularity and after-sales service. With the continuous development of China's economy, the gradual improvement of China's coating product structure, and the further development of the economy, the coating industry is in the terminal era of "terminal is king, brand wins, and service is big", and is trying to move towards the transformation of "industrial integration and strategic development"

from the development history of China's modern coating industry for nearly a century, it can be found that China's architectural coatings have developed from early inorganic to organic, organic and inorganic composite coatings, from solvent based coatings to water-based coatings, from thin to thick, and from single layer to multi-layer coatings. This is consistent with the development direction of foreign architectural coatings, and it is also synchronous

with the development of economy, green, environment-friendly and healthy life has gradually become the pursuit of people. In the future development process, green, environmental protection and low-carbon products will also become the main melody of the coating market. Chinese coating enterprises should strengthen the research and development of environment-friendly and functional coating products, strengthen the promotion of coating brands, constantly learn from foreign well-known brands, and do a good job in intellectual property protection, product variety reserve, technology reserve, government protection, marketing talent reserve and other aspects. These are the things that Chinese Coatings must do steadily from a large paint production country to a powerful paint country

on the surface, many coating enterprises in China seem to have the ability to innovate, constantly creating concepts and hot spots. They are not happy with such tricks as drinking lacquer, cooking vegetables with lacquer, and raising fish with lacquer. In fact, they are all stupid. These so-called concepts are nothing more than to guide consumers and explain their environmental protection of coatings. However, coatings are decoration products after all, not for consumers to use as daily necessities, which is lack of organic connection with the three concepts of drinking, frying and raising. Therefore, they do not convey the core value of the brand, and will be self defeating if they are not done well

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