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Five difficult problems perplex the development of construction machinery parts industry

five difficult problems perplex the development of construction machinery parts industry

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. At the recent annual meeting of China Construction machinery parts industry and the new Council, jiaxiaowen, Secretary General of the parts branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, analyzed the current situation of the parts industry with the theme of "innovative development, adjusting trends and seeking opportunities in difficulties"

she pointed out that during the rapid development of the construction machinery industry, as long as the supporting parts enterprises can support a large construction machinery main engine factory and find a long-term supply enterprise, it is equivalent to finding a big tree that can be relied on for a long time. Nowadays, the situation of China's construction machinery industry is in recession, the overall sales volume of products is declining, and the working capital is in urgent need, resulting in the "dilemma" of accessory enterprises. At present, although there are a large number of enterprises in China's construction machinery accessories industry, their strength is weak, and their product types are complex, resulting in a lower output value compared with the main engine. The outstanding performance is as follows: the organizational structure of accessory manufacturing enterprises is loose, and the product homogeneity is serious; There is a lack of large enterprises and enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, prominent main businesses and strong core competitiveness. Yindu District Steel intensive processing Industrial Park, Linzhou automobile and parts Industrial Park and rail transit (railway equipment) industrial cluster are the most typical industrial groups. In addition, the following five problems are also obstacles to the development of the industry

the main engine plant passed on the crisis, resulting in tight cash flow

from 2011 to 2015, the construction machinery industry fell for four consecutive years, resulting in increasingly difficult conditions for the supporting parts industry. On the one hand, due to the previous expansion, the capacity is now oversaturated, and the pressure on bank loans is very great. On the other hand, some supporting main engine factories not only have no ability to help the supporting parts enterprises tide over the difficulties, but also occupy a large amount of sales payment, and even use the main engine products as payment, which increases the operating burden of the parts enterprises. Some parts enterprises choose to sacrifice part of their interests and reluctantly support their production and operation by selling at reduced prices. The difficulty of production and operation is almost on the verge of collapse

low product quality and structural shortage

reliability and durability have always been the hard injury of China's construction machinery accessory products, and the quality of parts and components directly affects the service life of the complete machine products. The independent innovation ability of China's high-end parts and components of construction machinery is weak, and the test means are traditional. Most of them are still in the stage of imitation and replication of foreign similar products, and the reliability and durability of products are far behind those of foreign products. At the same time, there is a general bad atmosphere in the industry. Enterprises make profits through repeated investment and construction of low-end products. As a result, the homogeneity of middle and low-end parts and components is serious, there are still few high-end products with high technology added value, and the contradiction of product structural shortage is becoming increasingly prominent

core parts need to be broken through

core accessories of construction machinery mainly refer to high-end hydraulic components, transmission components, control systems and power systems. Compared with the foreign advanced level, the R & D cycle of key core components and systems for domestic construction machinery is 2 ~ 3 times that of foreign similar products, and the durability is 30% ~ 50% of that of foreign similar products. Compared with foreign countries, the supporting parts of construction machinery in China started relatively late. The manufacturing technology of key parts of construction machinery such as high-end high-pressure plunger hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, integral multi-channel valve components, power shift gearbox and drive axle has not been comprehensively broken through. At present, most of the key supporting parts of main machines are still purchased from abroad

vicious competition falls into the strange circle of price war

up to now, China's accessory industry has not formed a competition system conducive to the virtuous circle of the industry. Affected by the fierce unfair competition among complete machine products, complete machine enterprises pay more attention to product price than product quality when purchasing accessories, resulting in vicious price competition among enterprises in the accessory industry. In order to win more orders, enterprises focus more attention on their competitors. Even if they can't make money, they should also attack their competitors. Some enterprises were forced to fight back and started a price war. As a result, they fell into a strange circle of mutual attack. This will not only put the cart before the horse in the development of the industry, but also further force the development of the enterprise itself to a desperate situation. In fact, low-cost competition in the market just plays the role of "disrupting the situation", and there is more than enough success and more than enough failure. Low prices are always difficult to last long, and sooner or later they will fail in the face of cost performance

cobalt accounts for 16% of 3-yuan batteries in the after-sales market ⑴ 8% order needs to be standardized

in the after-sales and maintenance market, users are widely distributed, the size of dealers varies, and the distribution of accessories is difficult to manage. On the one hand, the original supporting enterprises must accept the pressure from the complete machine supporting enterprises. A large number of high-quality products that can not be digested by new machines enter the post market at low prices, which intensifies the competition. On the other hand, due to the complex product circulation channels and various accessory brands, driven by interests, fake and shoddy products are flooding the construction machinery parts market. Every year, local industrial and commercial departments are constantly investigating and dealing with fake and shoddy accessories, and some industrial enterprises are also actively participating in exposing counterfeiting events, but the counterfeiting of accessory parts is still prevalent everywhere

opportunity to love those who are prepared

China's construction machinery accessories industry undertakes the task of supporting various construction machinery main engine plants. The accessories not only reflect the core technical level of the main engine, but also guarantee the centralized display of the excellent performance of the main engine

jiaxiaowen said that despite the current situation, China's economic growth has slowed down and the development of China's construction machinery industry has encountered a trough, fortunately, the construction machinery accessories industry has realized that this is a necessary stage to remove impetuousness and precipitate essence. Such a big wave washes through the sand and washes out the dross, and the healthy development is just around the corner. In the critical period of transformation and upgrading, only through adjustment can enterprises survive; In the critical stage of eliminating the false and preserving the true, only through adjustment can the accessory industry open a new prospect of healthy development

specifically, accessory enterprises urgently need to establish professional and fine internal production division, provide products and services that others do not have, and tap the demand and market that others do not find through innovation in various aspects such as technology but the production process of composite materials is still complex, business model, management method, service concept and means; The urgent need to develop new high-efficiency, energy-saving and consumption reducing electrode materials and their processing technology is the research focus of guopiyi's team at Kunming University of technology. It adheres to the independent innovation mode of combining original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, and builds a collaborative innovation system with enterprises as the main body and the combination of industry, University, research and application; It is urgent to actively explore the market, establish its own brand influence, and gradually realize the transformation from "selling products" to "system integration suppliers"

the future development of China's construction machinery accessories industry depends on the support of the overall environment, but the core is the efforts of all practitioners in the industry. The large-scale, non-standard, small batch, high investment and other natural attributes of the construction machinery industry determine that the existing production and sales mode will not undergo disruptive changes for a long time. Fashionable concepts such as Internet, intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0 are only tools and means that the industry can choose to improve efficiency and reduce costs. They are selective applications, rather than blindly following up or passively cutting feet to suit their needs

she appealed to colleagues in the industry to get rid of impetuousness and do not wait and see, because opportunities are only for those who are prepared. Industry practitioners should exercise their internal skills, strengthen their independent innovation ability, and accelerate the formation of independent technologies and brands, so as to promote new competitive advantages and development growth points

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