The first Xiamen International Internet of things

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The first Xiamen International IOT Expo and Summit Forum was held on May 16, the Xiamen International IOT Expo and Summit Forum was successfully held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is the first time that Xiamen has held an event themed with IOT, which will not only cause wear and scratches on the surface of some parts; Expo and Summit Forum. The theme of this forum is information consumption and IOT life

at the opening ceremony, zhaoshanren Association of Xiamen IOT Industry Association said that the surface of some parts was worn and scratched, and that the IOT technology will be paid more and more attention to enterprise transformation and upgrading, information consumption and so on. Taiwan and the mainland share the same root, complement each other's advantages, and conduct more exchanges and cooperation. We hope that through this cooperation, we can promote the common development of the IOT industry on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. 4. building a provincial flexible electronic coherent innovation platform

Taiwan IOT alliance is one of the co organizers of this Expo. Liangbinxian, chairman of the alliance, introduced that the advantage of Taiwan IOT is that technically, some IOT application products are very precise in setting relevant parameters, and the mainland has a broad market

smart exhibition has become a highlight of this exhibition. The latest scientific and technological achievements and information technology, such as RFID access card, electronic signature and avatar collection system, digital media access card management system at the exhibition entrance, were fully displayed at the Expo

during the exhibition, Xiamen IOT industry association signed strategic cooperation agreements with Taiwan IOT alliance respectively; Sign the construction agreement of the national IOT training base with China Economic Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd; Signed a docking agreement on the transformation of IOT scientific and technological achievements with the Xiamen innovation and entrepreneurship center of the school of technology of Peking University to jointly promote cooperation between Xiamen and the two sides in scientific and technological exchanges, personnel training, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, etc

the Expo also held a summit forum on the docking of IOT industrial capital, IOT industrial policies and development trends, smart parking, smart medicine, food safety and traceability

according to the Xiamen IOT Association, the output value of the IOT industry in Xiamen reached 10.08 billion yuan in 2013. As of today, the number of member enterprises of Xiamen IOT Industry Association has increased from 68 in 2012 to 161. The IOT industry in Xiamen involves chip design and manufacturing, sensors and sensor networks, 4G communication, interconnection, cloud computing, system integration and information security. There are many well-known enterprises in the industry, such as Xinda IOT, yaxunluo, road and bridge information, Yili GIO, Nair electronics, etc

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