The first Xiamen Weien fun games was a complete su

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On November 30, 2008, with the support of relevant leaders, 3. The interfaces on the controller were corresponding one by one, and the first Xiamen Weiri Xinen fun games was successfully held. The games set up three individual events for men and women: Men's 100m and women's 100m track events; Men's 50m obstacle run and women's 50m basketball run; Men's kangaroo jump, women's kangaroo jump. There are eight team events, which are: three men walking on the same foot, three women walking on the same foot, the final of the double team volleyball relay competition (women or mixed men and women), the mixed men and women face-to-face relay, fixed-point shooting, mixed men and women mat volleyball competition, 6-person rope skipping and 10 person tug of war. The staff is divided into six teams: Yitian team, accord team, eagle team, Lezhi team, whirlwind team and snow dragon team. After some chase and competition, Yitian team won the honor of the first place in the total score of the team, whirlwind team won the second place, eagle team won the third place, and Lezhi team "should focus on the fourth place in key fields. Throughout the games, both athletes and spectators showed their good sportsmanship in the same color as cars, truly reflecting the fine style of" friendship first, competition second "

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