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At the beginning of 2015, leyijia sincerely recruited dealers across the country. People who want to start a business and get rich are welcome to join us

NCA (HK) home equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known Hong Kong enterprise specializing in home furnishing. In May, 2010, Le Yicha European design center has been registered in Mainz, Germany. NCA designers integrate the most cutting-edge modern fashion in Europe into product design, and perfectly present Chinese traditional culture and Hong Kong's typical urban pragmatism aesthetics in NCA products

in 2005, with the rise and development of the overall domestic home furnishing industry, leyijia began to operate the Chinese market, with its own expertise and focus, so that more Chinese consumers can enjoy the happiness brought by NCA's diversified home furnishing life. In this context, NCA (Zhongshan) home equipment Co., Ltd. and NCA (Hefei) furniture equipment Co., Ltd. have been established successively, and with their excellent professionalism and strong strength, they are now booming and expanding rapidly in the domestic market. NCA is becoming a representative of high-quality families with diverse lives

according to the company's "2351" strategic plan, leyijia group (planned to be established at the end of this year, and is already in preparation) will spend two years to achieve the top three in the industry, with sales reaching 500 million, and become the first listed company in the industry. At present, preparations have been made with investment companies and securities companies, and the leyijia office building with a construction area of 6792.8 square meters has also been completed. The subsequent four storey production workshop, warehouse renovation, six storey staff dormitory building, indoor activity center, etc. have been planned and are being gradually implemented. Leyijia people are taking a more solid step with their own wisdom and strength

at present, leyijia group has two production bases in Zhongshan and Hefei. Relying on the international advanced production equipment, the company's advanced production management concept and advantageous human resources, the group's production capacity has reached 5000 sets/month

in order to provide high-quality cabinet products with high cost performance, leyijia insists on selecting partners from all over the world and constantly updating raw materials and accessories suppliers to ensure that all raw materials and accessories fully reach the international leading level. The latest production equipment imported from Germany and Italy in the industry. Austria egger environmental protection plate, Blum hardware, Germany heitisch, Italy FGV and other international well-known brand partners

franchise support:

1 "0" franchise fee

2 Provide decoration subsidies

3 Free sample loading, pay first and then supplement

4 Advertising support

5 Training support

6 Personnel support (template installer and promotion department send special personnel to support activities for 10-15 days)




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