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In order to unify the style of home decoration, the demand for integrated decoration is increasing day by day, “ 80% of the owners will require us to design both soft and hard decoration ” Said Qu Hao, design director of PIA design consulting company. However, in the furniture industry, there is a clear distinction between soft decoration and hard decoration, which brings many troubles to consumers. What is hard decoration and what is soft decoration& ldquo; There is a vivid saying that if you turn the house upside down 180 degrees, as long as you can fall down, it is soft decoration, and if you can't fall down, it is hard decoration& rdquo; District Hao said. Generally speaking, the industry makes hard decoration conventions as “ Fixed and immovable decorations in interior decoration. It mainly includes ceiling, door, floor, ceramic tile, wall coating, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, lamps and other inactive things& rdquo; Soft decoration is defined as “ Soft decoration refers to the placement of other movable decoration besides the fixed and immovable decorations in the interior decoration (such as floors, ceilings, walls, doors and windows, etc.)& rdquo;

Miss Zheng's new house has recently been handed over, but the house is rough. After discussing with my husband, I plan to unify the style of soft and hard decoration of floors, ceilings, wardrobes, TV cabinets and cabinets. So they plan to package the decoration of the whole house to the design company. When Miss Zheng comes to “ Comfortable living ” When designing the company, the other party told her that she would only cover hard decoration for the time being. When you go to a home distribution store, the other party tells: “ What we do is soft decoration, and we don't do hard decoration such as floor, ceiling and door& rdquo;& ldquo; Should the home furnishing industry divide the soft and hard decoration so clearly now& rdquo; Miss Zheng found the reporter with questions

demand increases, integrated decoration is quietly popular

the reporter followed Miss Zheng to a certain home distribution company, and the clerk told the reporter: “ You can choose good furniture from us, and then find a decoration company to design it together, so that the style is unified ” With that, the clerk also showed the reporter the decoration renderings of guests from several major buildings in the city, “ In fact, recently, more and more guests will ask us to provide services such as floors and ceilings. We don't provide hard decoration services. Therefore, it is recommended that customers focus on soft decoration design, and then do the hard decoration of basic configuration& rdquo; But Miss Zheng is still not satisfied with this way

in response to Miss Zheng's needs, the reporter called Mr. Hao Qu, the design director of PIA design consulting company, who said “ Now some decoration companies in the design circle have all the soft and hard decoration. For example, Xingyi decoration, of course, also has separate soft and hard decoration enterprises. At present, the proportion in the industry is 1:1& rdquo;

as for why some decoration design companies intend to separate soft and hard decoration design? Zeng Chengkun, founder of Chengkun design office in Macao, said: “ Many companies intend to separate the two for many reasons, including: first, many design companies do not have the design strength of soft and hard decoration; second, because the overall cost of design companies is not easy to control, there is a risk that the gains outweigh the losses& rdquo;

which is more important? The designer suggests that the decoration integration

which is more important in home design, soft decoration and hard decoration. Mr. Yuan Tao, the founder and chief designer of Chimei Youhe Art Decoration Co., Ltd., said: “ Soft decoration and hard decoration cannot simply talk about which is more important. They should be ‘ I have you, I have you ’ The two should not be separated& rdquo;

Zeng Chengkun, founder of Chengkun design office in Macao, said: “ Soft and hard decoration should be designed together, and the two are one in the design. Hard decoration solves functional problems and soft decoration is the icing on the cake. Without function, we can't talk about soft decoration. Different cases have different design concerns. As long as it suits the personal needs of consumers, it is a good design. But the better design proportion in general decoration is 1:1& rdquo;

“ In the usual home decoration design cases, 80% of the owners will require us to design both soft and hard decoration, so I am also designing furniture products and opening my own furniture factory& rdquo; District Hao said. Finally, Miss Zheng was happy to find a design company that could help him solve the problem





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