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In wall decoration materials, wall cloth occupies an absolute market advantage, which is due to the environmental protection of wall cloth on the one hand, and many advantages of wall cloth on the other hand. Let's have a look with MeiJiaLi wall cloth

in today's home decoration, the concept of "light decoration and heavy decoration" is more and more popular. In wall decoration materials, wall cloth occupies an absolute market advantage, which is due to the environmental protection of wall cloth on the one hand, and many advantages of wall cloth on the other hand

I: the wall cloth is very environmentally friendly

the main component of the wall cloth is non-woven fabric, that is, textile fabric, just like the clothes we wear, which is treated by a series of processes such as cleaning, shaping and compounding... It is a new environmental protection and safety wall decoration product. Compared with traditional wall material products, the quality of wall cloth is more trustworthy

II: wall cloth has many advantages

strong selectivity: the fabric of wall cloth has natural texture advantages, and has a strong ability to express patterns and colors. Because of its many patterns and colors, it gives customers a lot of choice

strong three-dimensional sense: wall cloth mostly adopts jacquard and embroidery technology, and the application of unique technology makes the pattern display of wall cloth very three-dimensional

safety and environmental protection: the wall cloth is made of green and environmental protection cloth base materials. Customers can choose brand glutinous rice glue with food quality for construction when paving to ensure safety and environmental protection

breathing and ventilation: the wall cloth material is more porous and more breathable, which can keep the wall dry and effectively improve the service life of the product

sound absorption and mildew prevention: the wall cloth has sound absorption and sound insulation effect due to its porous and strong texture; The big brand wall cloth treated with three proofs has the effect of moisture-proof, mildew proof and antifouling

convenient construction: the wall cloth is also called seamless wall cloth/seamless wall cloth. The construction does not need Patchwork and docking, which makes the construction convenient, easy to replace, more convenient to clean, and will not curl and crack

III: when is the best stage of decoration

the wall cloth is paved to the wall with food grade glutinous rice glue without the assistance of other objects. In order to avoid soiling the wall cloth caused by other construction links, it is recommended to pave the wall cloth after the carpenter and painter

IV. about the design scheme of MeiJiaLi

MeiJiaLi seamless wall fabric is located in Keqiao District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. It is a professional seamless wall fabric company integrating R & D, production and sales. Since its establishment, the company has been aiming at providing customers with high-quality wall coverings, paying great attention to the investment in product research and development, actively introducing high-tech materials and production technology, and employing senior experts as technical consultants to continuously develop competitive new products in combination with market demand, leading the development of the industry. At the same time, the design absorbs the world's top wallpaper technology, combines the characteristics of Chinese home furnishings, and naturally integrates international fashion elements, so that classics and fashion are perfectly integrated, providing customers with perfect choices

"MeiJiaLi wallcovering" can be purchased at one time and enjoy life-long

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MeiJiaLi wallcovering can be made glue free, with a warranty of 15 years. And provide "0" Yuan free design renderings, free measurement and color matching. During the event, there are many discounts, the highest cost performance and better service. We are professional in making wall coverings

(source: MeiJiaLi seamless wall cloth panzhou store)





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