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Winter weather is cold and dry, and various problems often occur in decoration construction. How to solve these difficult problems? Xiaobian specially consulted relevant insiders to help everyone

I. deformation of wood

solution: the main materials used in decoration, especially wood, need to be placed in the room with heating equipment for three to five days to volatilize the moisture formed due to temperature changes. This is to make the moisture content of wood close to the level of the house, which can avoid wood deformation after decoration

II. Cracking of decorative panels

solution: after the decorative panels are transported to the construction site, dry towels should be used to wipe away the floating dust, and varnish should be applied twice continuously to seal the bottom. All decorative panels should be placed flat, with a large core board at the bottom and a large core board pressed on top. They cannot be placed upright, so as to prevent the panel from cracking and warping

III. wall cracking

solution: paint the wall before the putty is dry, and the wall is prone to sweating and even large-area cracking. The window is often opened for ventilation, and the best time is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The temperature is relatively high during this period, which can prevent the new putty from freezing. After the first putty is completely dry, apply the second putty. After the second putty is completely dry, polish it carefully with sandpaper

IV. gypsum line cracking

solution: when carrying out gypsum board ceiling operation, the moisture content of the wooden keel must be controlled below 12%, and the keel must be firm without any looseness, so as to prevent gypsum board ceiling cracks. At the joints between gypsum boards and between gypsum boards and walls, a gap of about 0.5cm shall be reserved, which shall be mixed and filled with gypsum powder and latex, and then double pasted with kraft paper, and then puttying, so as to prevent the gypsum line from cracking

v. poor paint effect

solution: in case of strong wind and cooling weather, it is not suitable to carry out oil work, because it is windy and sandy in winter, and it is easy to attach dust when the paint and paint are not dry. Attention should be paid to selecting windless weather for painting, so as to ensure that the environmental temperature of paint application is not less than 5 degrees Celsius, and the environmental temperature of varnish application is not less than 8 degrees Celsius, which should be applied strictly in accordance with the temperature in the product description. To prevent sand from falling on the paint surface, close the doors and windows tightly

VI. improper seam retention

solution: when decorating in winter, the seam of doors and windows should not be too small, so as to avoid the hot expansion and tightness in summer, and the door cannot be closed tightly. When laying solid wood floors, an expansion joint of about 2mm should be left around. When making furniture, an interface joint of about 0.1mm should also be left. The joint between the floor and the wall should be formed into a transition with floor battens, which can better deal with the disadvantages of excessive gap between the wall and the floor

VII. Ceramic tile falling off

solution: floor tiles and ceramic tiles should be soaked in water before paving in winter, and the moisture must be saturated. Only in this way, the bonding with cement will not be weak due to slurry absorption, resulting in hollowing and falling off. In addition, whether wall tiles or floor tiles, they need to be moved from outdoor to indoor for 24 hours before being paved when they adapt to the indoor temperature, so as to avoid hollowing and falling off after construction; After the bricks are paved, the joints shall be pointed in time




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