Why is the price of fingerprint lock of the same s

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Someone asked why the price of fingerprint lock is different because it has the same style and the same color

then I want to ask you a rhetorical question. In the figure below, look

see if it can be the same

one is the same configuration

the other is the same age

do you think the price can be the same

don't keep asking

are fingerprint locks sold so cheaply in other stores

how can you sell high

◤ II ♪

are also cars,

a Bentley and a Chery

will know their differences after using them

similarly, a good fingerprint lock is also

dedicated to all people who only ask about price,

and don't care about internal quality

◤ Ⅲ ♪

many customers often ask me,

the same materials,

the same origin,

why is the price of your fingerprint lock expensive

I won't explain. Please see the figure below.

are all the same. Can the effect be the same

it is not us but quality that determines the price of products

the market will never fight for price, but value

please, my fellow countrymen, check the goods, judge the quality, and then define the price

you only see the same or similar appearance

but you don't know what's good about a good fingerprint lock

to be honest,

poor quality fingerprint locks are different from good fingerprint locks

the production line is different ◥

the factory that produces good fingerprint locks has a more professional, first mover, automated and modern production line. Ordinary factories are simple production lines operated by workers manually. The quality of fingerprint lock depends on lean production and control. Only advanced production lines and equipment can produce products with the best quality. Good equipment and good production lines are the guarantee of producing good products

the raw materials are different ◥

the same equipment and the same process, why the products are different, because the raw materials are different. Only good materials can make good products. Good fingerprint lock is very strict in material selection. For a good fingerprint lock, large brand primary zinc alloy or 304 stainless steel with good quality will be selected on the panel handle, precision cast stainless steel will be selected as the core components on the lock body, wear-resistant and hardened special plastic will be selected, imported piano steel wire will be selected as the spring, large brand wear-resistant motor will be selected as the motor, PCB will be selected as environmental protection materials, imported large brand Ruyi semiconductor and Ti chip will be used as the core chip, and H59 copper will be used as the lock liner and key, etc

tax design is different ◥

designing a good fingerprint lock stems from the excellent designer's thorough understanding of the design culture, which is largely reflected in the design details and the integration of details and doors. Bad fingerprint password lock, designers will copy, imitate big brands to modify

the inspection is different

each set of fingerprint anti-theft lock in the factory has gone through multiple checkpoints including incoming inspection, process inspection, finished product inspection and ex factory inspection. Strictly inspect the material, size, specification, color difference, deformation, performance parameters, reliability, etc. of parts and components. The national standards are the same, but the internal control standards of each factory are different. Good factory internal control standards are strict, exceeding national or industrial standards; Ordinary factory internal control standards are relatively loose

the user experience is different ◥

a good fingerprint door lock will collect a lot of user experience and feedback information in the early stage of design, and integrate it into the whole process life cycle of product design, manufacturing, use and after-sales. A good fingerprint lock will adopt a good humanized user interaction interface, such as OLED display, simple and easy to remember operation process, convenient registration mode, visual management of fingerprint registration, convenience of installation, convenience of maintenance, etc. Some enterprises with strong development ability, such as SiGe brand, can achieve 360 degree visual fingerprint registration, intelligent update, real-time data upgrade, reserved smart home interface, and also use micro USB as emergency power supply, double authority verification security mode, virtual password technology, mute technology, etc. by optimizing fingerprint algorithm, users can operate very simple, easy to learn and use, and the experience of fingerprint smart lock is very good

tax after-sales service is different ◥

fingerprint locks of good quality. We have a perfect after-sales service system, and we dare to bear the adverse consequences of all fingerprint locks, because our fingerprint intelligent locks can stand the test. And the poor quality and cheap fingerprint lock, if something goes wrong, I believe you can't find someone to deal with it

only by strictly requiring excellence in each process can a good fingerprint lock be produced

fingerprint lock with poor quality can only imitate external things,

it cannot imitate internal quality

remember that any product has a cost

good product = good raw material + good process + good service

good fingerprint lock can stand the test

after reading it, don't ask me the same style of


why my fingerprint lock is expensive





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