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Now, aluminum alloy doors and windows shopping malls are becoming more sophisticated, the variety of aluminum doors and windows products is also increasing, and the competition between occupations is fierce. We all know that as long as we constantly innovate, the development of the company will have continuous momentum. Therefore, sometimes sub aluminum alloy door and window companies will continue to launch new products according to their own plan rhythm. Then, how can aluminum alloy door and window companies effectively promote new products of doors and windows? Let's learn together with guanhaomen Xiaobian

aiming at opportunities and mastering the needs of shopping malls

we all know that we sell mats in summer and cotton padded clothes in winter. As for the implementation of new products of aluminum door and window companies, we should also pay attention to "favorable terrain, favorable terrain and people". Only by choosing the right opportunities, can we have a good implementation effect. "Favorable terrain" is to ask aluminum door and window companies to choose appropriate commodities according to the current season when implementing new products; "Favorable terrain" requires the company to carry out commodity promotion according to the actual situation of different regions; "Human harmony" means that the company should promote goods according to the actual needs of consumers

whether it's a favorable terrain, a favorable terrain or a harmonious people, the most important thing for door and window franchise companies is the opportunity of commodity promotion. They only need to aim at the opportunity to achieve twice the result with half the effort

grasp the key points, outstanding commodity advantages

each company's new door and window products are the crystallization of the talents of the company's technical personnel, and have advantages that the original products do not have. What aluminum door and window processing company needs to do is to show the most outstanding advantages of this product when implementing the new products. In today's spending environment, as long as your product has a flash point, the consumer will remember you, but on the contrary, if you don't show the flash point without points, even if you have all your strengths, the consumer can't see it

therefore, for aluminum alloy door and window companies, new products can be said to be a catalyst to promote the progress of shopping malls, and can effectively extend the company's commodity industry chain. When promoting new products, door and window companies should grasp the opportunities and outstanding points, so that they can do twice the job with half the effort and get the recognition of the mall faster




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