Reasonable installation and configuration of lamps

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Reasonable installation and configuration of lamps and lanterns

let's have a look at lighting:

first of all, according to the classification of materials

crystal lighting

makes people have a dream feeling. It plays a great role in home decoration, or creates a warm atmosphere, or brings a sense of luxury and atmosphere. Generally speaking, crystal lights are best matched with European style. Crystal lamp has always been a noble in the lamp family. Ceiling type crystal lamps with modern elements can also enter ordinary people's homes at present, but the room height is still inappropriate, and cleaning and maintenance are also troublesome. Those who want to buy crystal lamps should pay attention. Pay attention to the following points when choosing crystal lamps:

1. Material: glass, generally high lead glass, because high lead glass has high refractive index, it is easy to appear gorgeous effect, and it is better to be clean without bubbles or less bubbles (there are crystal lamps specially made of bubble glass, at this time, it depends on whether the bubble size and density are relatively consistent). There is no need to worry about whether the high lead glass will pollute the indoor environment, because the lead in the glass exists in the form of oxide and silicate and will not precipitate; The lamp holder is generally copper plating process or surface oxidation process, and the coating surface is bright and clean without spots. The surface oxidation depends on whether the oxide layer is dense and natural

2. Light source matching: generally, small screw (E14) bulbs are in the majority. Crystal lamps are usually equipped with ordinary incandescent lamps and ordinary candle bulbs, and the general power is not more than 40W, which is more power consuming. If the selection range of energy-saving lamps is narrow, because the bulb volume is required to be small, only a few brands have small energy-saving lamps for crystal lamps. This kind of energy-saving lamps are generally expensive and have a large one-time investment, but it is still cost-effective compared with using incandescent lamps. Generally, 3w-5w spiral lamp with yellow light is selected for energy-saving lamp

3. Advantages of the crystal lamp scheme in the living room: it is luxurious and can set off a magnificent atmosphere

4. Disadvantages of the crystal lamp scheme in the living room: expensive, cumbersome installation, cleaning and maintenance, relatively electricity consumption, and the crystal will smoke out after a long time (the disadvantages of high lead -_-b)

5. Market reference price: there is no crystal lamp below four digits




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