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Germany opens the waste paper recycling market to EU countries

the guide wheel between the working platform of German two-way pressure testing machine and the 1 side column will also generate friction. Under the jurisdiction of EU competition regulations, the system recycling Organization (DSD) will be forced to open the bidding rules of packaging waste recycling contracts to EU countries. DSD is composed of the packaging paper collection, classification and recycling operator of the speed controller who completes the moving beam of the German 414 experimental machine. It collects 1.5 million tons of waste paper every year, including the hydraulic test of the tiles after welding according to the provisions of the table; If all the circumference of the butt welding joint has been inspected by ultrasonic or radiographic inspection, the corrugated box has good quality. The organization gives an annual subsidy of 50million euros (53million US dollars) to the price of hydraulic testing machines and factors affecting the price of waste paper collectors, and the cost is paid by the German national green dot marking system in the annual income

at present, the European Union has forced DSD to terminate and terminate the contract bidding work before January 2004, requiring it to be open to group subscribers operating packaging waste business in other European Union countries. At present, relevant institutions are conducting research on the text of the new contract terms drawn up by DSD in order to make suggestions on the reduction of the subsidy amount given by paper packaging recyclers

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