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Gou Taiming: Foxconn firmly develops "robot strategy"

with the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Taiyuan, September 4 (Xinhua) -- the second Shanxi Merchants' conference held here was not the reason why China's real economy was destroyed. During an interview, Gou Taiming, president of Taiwan group, said that the "robot strategy" did not stop and continued to develop

"Foxconn is developing the next generation of manipulator. The research and development of robot requires a lot of scientific and technological cooperation. Optical machinery, electronic control, sensing, software and other technologies will be used in it. There should be a breakthrough in the next year." He revealed

Terry Gou, whose ancestral home is Jincheng, Shanxi Province, launched the "robot strategy" in Jincheng Park, Shanxi Province in 2010, which plans to develop millions of robots within a few years. Gou Taiming once said, "handing the monotonous and repetitive work to robots is a signal sent by China's manufacturing industry to the world."

in recent years, some "manipulators" independently developed by Foxconn have been put into use. Gou Taiming said that these "robots" have not yet reached the level of proficiency and flexibility like human fingers, and many things that human hands can do "robot hands" can not do, but he predicted that the robot industry will occupy an important position in the third industrial revolution, which is also an important step taken by Foxconn. "Robots are not a substitute for human power, but a very important means to change the human structure."

Gou has a firm determination to develop this strategy. He said, "robots have broad prospects for development. Robots can be designed not only for industrial use, but also for business, medical treatment, elderly care and other fields. With the development of cloud technology, robots can interact with humans, and robots with feelings will come out."

in addition, Gou Taiming talked about Shanxi merchants, "said Jean Claude Pierre, CEO of Scott Bader company. When talking about the current situation, he said that Shanxi merchants should restore the spirit of the past, have innovation

have reform and leap forward. He also said, "Shanxi is the root of Shanxi merchants. Shanxi merchants all over the world should come back and bring their own advantages, unite for development, make long-term plans, form an industrial chain and do something for their hometown."

the second Shanxi Merchants' conference was held in Taiyuan from the 2nd to the 4th, with more than 270 participants from 17 countries and regions. The distribution of Shanxi merchants should not violently impact the inclined block on the swing arm on 50 countries and regions in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Nearly one million Shanxi merchants have started businesses and developed around the world

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