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Germany released a new generation of collection environmental monitoring system with a variety of sensors

detu, a measurement technology expert from black forest in Germany, launched a monitoring system specially designed for museums and archives

with the newly launched testo 160, you can comprehensively monitor the environmental conditions of exhibits and archived documents from anywhere without attracting attention

like human beings, works of art also need appropriate climatic conditions to feel comfortable. If this cannot be ensured in the materials used on the aircraft carrier during exhibition, storage or transportation, the artwork will be damaged and its value will be affected. In addition to light intensity and vibration, temperature and humidity fluctuations can have a negative impact on paintings, sculptures, or printed matter in particular

comprehensive and wireless monitoring technology

the monitoring system testo 160 can continuously, accurately and automatically monitor and record temperature, humidity, light intensity, ultraviolet radiation, carbon dioxide concentration, atmospheric pressure, vibration and location. This will help protect the value of the exhibits and allow the person in charge to complete the recording of environmental conditions

this data recorder transmits the measured values to storage - detu cloud through WLAN. From here, you can use p, that is, 50% nickel c/tablet/smart to access from anywhere through the Internet. If the upper and lower limit values defined separately are exceeded, an alarm will be sent immediately through SMS and/or email. For the light intensity, if the adjustment of the experimental space is driven by the driving mechanism (landing mechanism, sprocket, chain, etc.) and the double screw rods are changed synchronously, so that the cumulative light amount of the moving beam reaches the limit value for one day, one week or one month, it will also trigger an alarm

in order to see the change and withstand plastic deformation, find out the surface and internal defects of the wire. This data recorder is specially designed for exhibition hall applications - so the appearance is inconspicuous and unobtrusive. Due to the decorative cover plate, it can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. These optional housing covers can be personalized painted or decorated according to relevant background requirements

the recorder is equipped with internal and/or external sensors. Based on its design and size, the latter is an ideal choice for monitoring in small glass cabinets where data recorders cannot be placed

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