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Guangdong has introduced local endowment insurance measures

Guangdong will fully implement the new endowment insurance measures this year. At that time, the payment base and payment method will be based on the monthly average salary of enterprise employees in the province in the previous year (hereinafter referred to as the provincial base). Although the endowment insurance method based on the provincial average level has improved the social security level in low-income areas, it will also reduce the security level of some participants in high-income areas. In order to ensure that the security of high-income areas is not reduced, Guangdong will speed up the introduction of local endowment insurance measures this year, and will first try them out in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and provincial units

the premise is not to increase the burden of enterprises

the same pension in different economic development concrete pressure testing machine is based on the national standard gb/t50081 (2) 002 "standard for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete" to measure and judge the performance parameters of concrete. The level of protection in areas is different, and the local endowment insurance method is to solve this problem. It is understood that the introduction of local endowment insurance measures, as a supplement to the province's endowment insurance, Guangdong is also at the forefront of the country, which is still far from commercialization

there is a premise for the introduction of local endowment insurance, that is, without increasing the current social security burden of enterprises, and under the condition that enterprises can bear it. For example, the current payment base of Guangzhou Social Security in 2006, which seems to have recovered, is 2820 yuan, but the provincial base is less than 2000 yuan; There is a space in the middle; In addition, the payment rate of most enterprises in Guangdong Province is calculated at 28%. According to the new method, if it is reduced to 20%, there is also room. These existing spaces are the conditions for the introduction of pension insurance measures that local industry experts believe

local endowment insurance is mandatory

it is learned that before the establishment of the local insurance system, cities where the average monthly salary of on-the-job employees in 2005 was higher than the average salary of on-the-job employees in the province in 2005 can calculate and pay local pensions for the insured who participated in the basic endowment insurance before June 30, 2006 and applied for the basic endowment insurance after July 1, 2006

monthly standard of local pension = (monthly average wage of on-the-job employees in the city in 2005 - monthly average wage of on-the-job employees in the province in 2005)/2 × My payment period before June 30, 2006 × 1%。 It should be reminded that the first insured (including supplementary payment) after July 1st, 2006 is not covered by this article

the head of the provincial labor and social security department said that the local endowment insurance system is an important way to solve the problems that the pension in developed areas cannot fully meet the living needs of retirees after the national and provincial implementation of basic pension planning. Once the local endowment insurance measures are introduced, they will be applicable to all local enterprises and individuals participating in endowment insurance and are mandatory. Guangdong will first consider implementing local endowment insurance in the four social security planning systems of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and the province

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