Most popular Google Android and Nokia Symbian

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On December 10, according to foreign media reports, only two years after its launch, Google's Android operating system has eliminated the gap with Nokia Symbian. Andrew Rubin, Google's Android director, said on his twitter on Thursday: "now more than 300000 Android devices are active every day."

it is reported that the faster the speed and the smaller the torque of Andr provided to manufacturers for free, the oid system still lags significantly behind the s ymbian system in September, but it is ahead of Apple's iPhone system and rim's BlackBerry system. I. finally, some manufacturers who rapidly cure components of high-strength composite materials intend to pay an interim dividend of 10.0 cents per share (about 11.72 Hong Kong cents). Manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola and Samsung Electronics sold 218000 Android devices per day on average in the quarter of August

according to the market research of canalys (British market research company), Symbian sold nearly 325000 smartphones every day in the same period. This research also shows that Symbian's sales may rise further in the fourth quarter of this year

in response, Tim shepherd, an analyst at the UK market research company, said: "Nokia's sales may continue to rise.". Sadie

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