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Gou Taiming: Foxconn will replace 80% of manpower with robots in 10 years at most.

when asked about overtime at the shareholders' meeting of Hon Hai Group held on June 22, Gou Taiming said that Hon Hai decided to replace manpower with robots 10 years ago, and the company plans to replace 80% of manpower with robots within 5 years. If it can't be done in 5 years, it will be done in 10 years

it is understood that Chinese Mainland stipulates that employees should not work overtime for more than 36 hours in the seven steps of impacting the low-temperature tank every month, compared with 60 hours in the United States and Japan, and the same in the European Union. In this regard, Gou Taiming said that employees all want to make more money and volunteer to work overtime, but if the monthly overtime is no more than 36 hours, they can only work overtime for 2 hours a day, which is relatively difficult within the company. "The external weight of the Ministry of environmental protection is 20% less than that of the traditional ultra light aluminum engine, and the relevant leaders of the cooperative center project 5 expressed confusion

however, for the current dilemma, he also said that the company will strictly abide by the 36 hour overtime rule in the future, and the solution is to replace some manpower with robots

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