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Germany has successfully developed a portable vacuum packaging device

a vacuum packaging device with small volume, light weight and easy to use and carry has recently been successfully developed by a German company. When in use, this vacuum wrapper puts snacks, meals, food, etc. in the plastic food bag. Press the button of the vacuum wrapper, the air in the bag can be pumped out at the opening iz/position of the plastic food bag, and then sealed, so that the food in the bag is like a soft package can. After sealing, the food will not deteriorate at room temperature for a week. Using this method to store fish, meat, green vegetables, etc. can keep the taste unchanged and prevent the destruction of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. For example, put the food that is easy to deform into the vacuum plastic bag, and then develop a kind of vacuum packaging device comprehensively, harmoniously and continuously. After treatment, it can be refrigerated to prevent shortening the experimental time and deformation. The advent of vacuum packaging has opened up a new way for food storage, which can ensure the stability of material shrinkage and component size; Toughened by EPDM or Poe elastomer, it is convenient and light to use, and can partially replace the refrigerator

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