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Guangdong plans to allow the addition of dimethyl ether to liquefied gas to introduce adulteration query

South China said on August 25 that at the beginning of this year, the South carried out a series of reports on the illegal addition of dimethyl ether at some gas stations in the Pearl River Delta, which caused strong repercussions from all sectors of society and the attention of senior leaders, and a wave of severe crackdown and rectification across the country was set off

on July 30 this year, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued the draft for comments on liquefied petroleum gas dimethyl ether composite fuel (hereinafter referred to as the "draft for comments"). The exposure draft stipulates that the mass fraction of dimethyl ether in liquefied gas in Guangdong liquefied petroleum gas dimethyl ether composite fuel is not more than 20%

according to the requirements of the exposure draft, the period for Soliciting Opinions ends on September 1. According to insiders, if there is no accident, this standard should be issued normally

it was learned that the exposure draft first triggered a heated debate in the industry. Whether to allow the addition of dimethyl ether is still an important issue, and the resulting series of livelihood issues are also of concern

the "deep throat" worry in the industry: if the gas appliance is not replaced, the hidden danger will enter the user's home

ask: what is the problem with liquefied gas mixed with dimethyl ether as a civil fuel

answer: there are two key problems

first, whether liquefied gas and dimethyl ether can be mixed and what is the safe mixing proportion range must be scientifically demonstrated. Fuel gas is no more than ordinary civil products, which is related to life safety. Its use must be supported by rigorous scientific demonstration, scientific theory and experimental data, and it must not be decided by patting the head

second, liquefied gas mixed with dimethyl ether to form a composite fuel, which has few precedents before. Even if the standard is issued, how to ensure the implementation of the standard and how to become partners between tensile testing machine enterprises is also a key issue

Q: at present, some provinces have issued LPG dimethyl ether composite fuel standards, and the relevant standards in Guangdong Province are also seeking opinions. Can the introduction of the standards solve these two problems? Highlight the key points

answer: in general, to solve the mixing problem, we need to issue both product standards and engineering application standards. However, the current situation is that there are only product standards and lack of engineering application standards

ask: what kind of engineering application standards are needed

answer: assuming that LPG dimethyl ether composite fuel is legally put into the market, the product standard specifies the requirements for this composite fuel itself, while the engineering application standard specifies how to use it, and what are the requirements for supporting facilities, personnel and operation methods

if the relevant gas appliances in the user's home cannot be replaced, it is equivalent to implanting the hidden danger caused by the corrosion of dimethyl ether directly into the user's home

focus 1 Why is dimethyl ether allowed to be mixed

"small rubber rings suffocate the living." Liang Zuojian, Deputy Secretary General of China City Gas Association and former Secretary General of Guangdong Gas Association, supported the introduction of the local standard of liquefied petroleum gas dimethyl ether composite fuel in Guangdong Province. His comments were solicited in the drafting stage of the draft for comments

before that, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued the notice on issues related to cylinder filling, which clearly prohibits the addition of dimethyl ether to LPG and requires that cylinders must be used exclusively, The reason is that "after adding dimethyl ether into civil LPG, LPG cylinders have become the world's second largest packaging country after the United States, which seriously violates the regulations on safety supervision of gas cylinders, and may lead to gas leakage of LPG cylinder valves and serious corrosion of welded cylinders, bringing great danger to the safe use of cylinders"

"first, dimethyl ether is a supplementary fuel that has been recognized by the state. Second, after dimethyl ether is put into the fuel market, users have an additional choice. Why not?"

a vice president of Dongguan Jiufeng company who participated in the formulation of the exposure draft also believes that dimethyl ether itself is no problem. It is precisely because of the lack of standards that the whole dimethyl ether Market is in a gray area

"on the one hand, the lack of transparency has allowed some enterprises to take advantage of the loopholes, passing inferior products off as good ones, and cheating on consumers' prices. On the other hand, the use of dimethyl ether is not standardized, and filling dimethyl ether with ordinary gas cylinders is both troublesome and human error, which forms a potential safety hazard."

"the market is ahead of the standard, so the timely introduction of local standards not only conforms to the market trend, but also can correctly guide the development of the industry."

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