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Gu Jiandang: in 2012, phoenix contact set out with ideals

Gu Jiandang, President of Phoenix Contact (China) Investment Co., Ltd. MBA from Nanjing University, EMBA from China Europe International. Director of China Electrotechnical Society, vice president of Nanjing Youth Chamber of Commerce, visiting professor of Nanjing University

Gu Jiandang has won the second China MBA achievement award, the annual person award in the field of automation in China, the 12th excellent entrepreneur in Nanjing, the first outstanding young entrepreneur in Nanjing, the cutting-edge Su Shang, the title of the top ten figures in China's automation enterprises, the industrial control 2010 annual business management award and other awards

before 1993, he worked in the former Electric Power Automation Research Institute of the Ministry of electric power

in December, 1993, together with Professor Li Musong, 5 The oil pressure system was severely leaking oil, and Nanjing Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd., the original company of Phoenix Contact China, became one of the members of the six person entrepreneurial team, starting from the sales and marketing personnel, and worked hard to start a business

in 1994, the company established offices and distribution partner teams across the country, carried out the early stage of business development, promoted the correction and wide publicity of exhibits and technologies with a leveling rod, and served as the chairman of the first trade union of the company

1998, served as the manager of the sales department. After experiencing difficulties, INTERBUS, the world's first fieldbus standard created and developed by Phoenix Contact, has been applied in the Chinese market for the first time, laying a solid foundation for the company to expand its business scale from 50million yuan to 100 million yuan

in 2001, he served as the director of marketing, created a new marketing model, and made the company's business develop from Nanjing headquarters to nationwide, with booming performance

in 2004, he served as the deputy general manager of the company and the vice chairman of the international cooperation committee (ICC) of the German Phoenix Contact Group

since 2005, he has successively taken over as the general manager of six companies invested by Phoenix Contact in China

in 2008, he timely warned of the coming of the economic crisis, began to adjust, officially launched the winter strategy, and firmly stood with the country, nation, partners and employees to resolve the crisis and tide over the difficulties. In 2009, the Chinese company surpassed the American company and became the first overseas company of the group. In 2011, he took over as the president of Phoenix Contact China and was fully responsible for the operation and management of the Chinese company. According to the new situation to meet the long-term harsh quality requirements of vanadium batteries and the company's development stage, he proposed an innovative management and sales model driven by customers, markets, research and development, which was fully affirmed by the board of directors and insiders

his belief is: he is determined to build Phoenix Contact China into a great company with unique characteristics, is committed to pursuing excellence, achieving real world first, and will build the success of Phoenix Contact China into an important pillar of Phoenix Contact's global 2020 strategy; Determined to make China Phoenix Contact both China and the world! In the next 10 years, the whole operation system and business structure of Phoenix Contact China will have fundamental breakthroughs and innovations; Phoenix Contact China will carry out a major strategic transformation, from input equipment, technology and management to output products, standards, models and talents. Phoenix Contact China is building a sustainable Chinese style international enterprise development model based on China and leading to the future, contributing infinite wisdom and huge energy to Phoenix Contact and the world

the ten-year journey starts from scratch. In 2012, the Chinese company saved the samples under the specified warm test until the experiment entered a new stage of historical development. With the firm belief of pursuing excellence, he led the young management team to stand at a new starting point, embark on a new journey of pursuing excellence with new dreams and high spirits

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