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XCMG research institute 20 invention patents have been re authorized by the state

XCMG has become a new pneumatic Research Institute to promote high performance and lightweight in the chemical industry. 20 invention patents have been re authorized by the state

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recently, XCMG research institute 20 invention patents have been intensively issued, and the central and local environmental protection policies have been successively authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, Among them, "combined blowing and suction multifunctional dust suction device with controllable blowing", "method, device and system for regulating the inlet flow field of centrifugal water pump", "method for measuring the inclination angle of a working platform and installing this machine is the current domestic advanced model", "monitoring device, method and excavator of an excavator", "method and device for adjusting the length of multi winch wire rope of crawler crane" Patents such as "a manufacturing method of carbon fiber composite pull plate" have further promoted the intellectual property construction of XCMG

For a long time, XCMG Research Institute has attached great importance to the construction of intellectual property rights, continued to increase investment in intellectual property rights, and actively carried out technological innovation. Core technologies and products have achieved fruitful results in intellectual property. Up to now, XCMG Research Institute has authorized 648 patents, including 56 invention patents. XCMG Research Institute will continue to lead the research of independent intellectual property rights, form a continuous innovation mechanism, and make good use of the "compass" of intellectual property rights to help XCMG group's innovative development and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

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