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1. The function and over packaging of packaging has become an indispensable part of commodities. Without packaging, the function of commodity circulation and exchange cannot be realized. It is unthinkable for commodities without packaging. Even a few so-called shirtless commodities cannot be transported and stored without packaging, but without sales packaging

the rational application of packaging has not only created rich profits for commodity producers, but also brought many benefits to consumers. For example, after rice is packed in plastic film bags, especially barrier plastic film bags, the shelf life can be increased from about 1 month in bulk to 3-6 months, or even more than 1 year; After vacuum small packaging is adopted for mustard and pickles, the price of products per unit quality has been greatly increased. This small packaging has the advantages of long storage time and convenient use. Moreover, due to its moderate weight, it avoids the corruption and deterioration of the remaining parts after unsealing, and instead reduces the economic burden of consumers, so it is widely welcomed by the society. Shirtless packaging of traditional agricultural and sideline foods such as mustard, pickles and large packaging with a weight of more than 500 grams are becoming less and less, and some even disappear. The off-site sales of many agricultural and sideline products benefit from the development of packaging materials and packaging technology. For example, fresh litchi, known as the king of fruits, can only be produced in the south of subtropical zone. After the enterprise adopts polystyrene foam insulation turnover box, this kind of perishable fresh fruit can be shared by people all over the country. Through the above examples, it is not difficult to see that the rational use of packaging is very necessary to improve the competitiveness of goods, improve the economic benefits of enterprises, better meet social needs and protect the rights and interests of consumers. The author believes that the problem is not whether the goods need packaging, but how to use packaging reasonably, that is, the development and application of green packaging

2. Learn lessons from "white pollution"

in the 1990s, today, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. told you about the use steps of the metallographic microscope and the calibration steps of the equipment. In China, there has been a "white pollution" problem of serious harm to the environment caused by packaging wastes such as disposable foamed plastic tableware. Due to the good stability of plastic itself, its waste is scattered in nature, which not only causes serious visual pollution, but also causes serious harm to the ecological balance. At first glance, it seems that the pollution of a large number of plastic wastes to the environment is due to the use of too many plastic packaging materials. Therefore, some people put forward the proposition of "replacing plastic with paper, replacing plastic with wood", and prohibiting the use of plastic packaging materials. In fact, these views are extremely one-sided and very wrong, which must be paid attention to and clarified

plastic, a new type of synthetic polymer material published in the early 20th century, is favored by all walks of life because of its wide variety, excellent performance, convenient molding and low price. It has been deeply involved in all aspects of industry, agriculture, national defense, scientific research and people's life for decades, and its application effect in packaging is particularly prominent. The application of plastics in packaging accounts for more than 20% of the total output of plastics. Among packaging materials, the application of plastics is second only to paper products, far more than traditional packaging materials such as metal, glass and wood, ranking second. In the late 1990s, when there was serious "white pollution" in China, the per capita use of plastic packaging materials was only about one kilogram, about one thirtieth of that of foreign industrial developed countries, while China's "white pollution" was far more than that of foreign industrial developed countries. Why? The author believes that the main reason is not that we have too many plastic packaging applications, but that the broad masses of the people have poor environmental awareness. Many people in the automotive, electrical and electronic industries have a bad habit of littering casually, and the recycling of waste materials is not sound enough. This is the crux of the problem

it is no exaggeration to say that the wide application of plastic packaging materials is a revolutionary event in the packaging industry, "white pollution" is only a local and temporary problem in the development of the packaging industry. As long as we really do a good job in public opinion publicity, improve relevant laws and regulations, strengthen law enforcement, establish and improve the recycling and utilization network of waste packaging materials, and implement comprehensive measures such as the development and utilization of degradable plastics, the harm of waste packaging materials to the environment will be minimized and even completely eliminated. "White pollution" has brought serious harm to the environment and a huge negative impact on social development, which is a very sad thing, but it also gives us a vivid education lesson. It makes us realize that only by being kind to the environment and seriously protecting the environment can human beings get good development, otherwise they will be punished by nature

3. Have a correct understanding of green packaging

with the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, green packaging is becoming more and more popular, which is what people want and what people expect; But so far, quite a lot of people's understanding of the real connotation of green packaging is still very one-sided or quite vague. The author believes that the so-called green packaging, in short, the packaging conducive to human sustainable development is green packaging. Specifically, green packaging should have three basic conditions at the same time, namely, safety and health, environmental protection and resource conservation. If a package does not meet or does not fully meet the above three basic conditions, it cannot be called green packaging

first, safety and health. Safety means that the packaging must have a reliable protection function for the packaged goods. It is the basic function that any packaging must have. It has universality. Hygiene means that the use of packaging must not cause harm to people and animals, and meet the requirements of relevant health standards. Different commodities have different requirements for the hygienic performance of packaging materials, which is particularly important for food and drugs. Second, protect the environment. The relationship between packaging materials and the environment must be analyzed from the perspective of life cycle. From the perspective of environmental protection, packaging materials are required to have a good adaptability to the environment within 10 years from the beginning of raw materials, to the production, processing and use of packaging materials, to the whole process of waste disposal (the whole life cycle) after use. What we should emphasize here is the whole process, not just one or some links, that is, it is very important to control "white pollution" and prevent packaging waste from polluting the natural environment, which is an important aspect of the development of green packaging. However, in terms of developing green packaging, it is far from enough for the government and enterprises to only deal with "white pollution" and the disposal of packaging waste. Third, save resources. It mainly refers to saving materials and energy. Of course, from a deep level, there is also the problem of saving human resources

4. We should pay attention to several aspects

to carry out the work of green packaging. At present, we must pay attention to the following aspects:

we cannot limit the development of green packaging to the treatment of "white pollution". Controlling "white pollution" so that packaging waste does not harm the natural environment is a necessary condition for carrying out green packaging work; Controlling "white pollution" is an important aspect of developing green packaging, and controlling "white pollution" is only one aspect of green packaging, not the whole content of green packaging. Developing green packaging is a systematic project. We must carefully study the whole life cycle of packaging and eliminate the harm of packaging to the natural environment and human beings in the whole life cycle, so as to realize our original intention of developing green packaging; Only by introducing real green packaging can we achieve sustainable development and benefit future generations

at present, while we focus on the disposal of packaging waste, we must integrate cleaner production into the work of green packaging. Special attention should be paid to the cleaner production of paper and plastic products, which are widely used and have a great impact, and the negative impact of "three wastes" on the surrounding environment during the production of packaging materials should be minimized. For example, enterprises should try to adopt the process without the production of three wastes and less energy consumption in the production process, and replace the dry composite process with solvent-free composite process, coextrusion process and extrusion composite process; Under the current conditions, enterprises that have to use some toxic and harmful substances for production should do a good job in the treatment of three wastes in production to achieve standard discharge

pay attention to the problems existing in the recycling of packaging waste. The recycling of packaging waste has made great achievements, but there are many problems, so we should attach great importance to the existing problems. For example, the waste water from cleaning packaging waste will pollute the environment again. At present, the waste water from cleaning packaging waste is discharged directly without treatment everywhere. On the one hand, packaging waste is recycled, which reduces the pollution of packaging waste to the environment, but at the same time, a large amount of waste water is produced, which may cause more pollution to the environment than packaging waste. This method of recycling waste materials at the expense of the environment is not desirable. At present, a large number of recycled packaging wastes from unknown sources are used to manufacture packaging materials in direct contact with food. Usually, the S-N chart determines that this problem is very serious

increase investment in science and technology and constantly improve the environmental adaptability of packaging materials. For those varieties with excellent performance and poor adaptability to the environment, such as PVDC, which has excellent gas resistance and moisture resistance, it has a significant effect in the packaging of food and drugs, but it has poor adaptability to environmental protection, poor thermal stability, and difficult recycling; Toxic and harmful substances such as hydrogen chloride and dioxin will be produced during incineration; Scattered in nature or buried underground, and not easy to degrade. It is a kind of material with outstanding advantages and disadvantages. For such packaging materials, before there is no better material to replace, it is recommended to control their use, try not to use them when they are available or not, and try not to use them when they must be used. Enterprises should strengthen the research on the recycling and harmless disposal of packaging waste

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