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Inventory: the top ten events of Valin Xingma automobile group in 2014

inventory: the friction force between the working cylinder and the piston and when the guide wheel on the side of the workbench moves along the pillar is added to the top ten events of Valin Xingma automobile group in 2014

1 "Hanma power cm6d28/18 engine research and development project scientific and technological progress award conference" was held grandly

2 at present, the center has established a research and development team of nearly 70 people. On the morning of December 18, 2014, the engine branch "Hanma power cm6d28/18 engine research and development project scientific and technological progress award conference" was held grandly in the multi-function conference hall on the fifth floor of Xingma special automobile. The conference awarded 10 comrades including Lu Lin the honorary title of "ten meritorious men", 10 comrades including Tang Fei the honorary title of "ten outstanding contributions", 22 comrades including Peng Shengping the honorary title of "excellent project manager", and issued honorary certificates to the above-mentioned personnel. It marks the success of the R & D project of Hanma power

most of the metal parts of the equipment operate under high temperatures above 50 ℃. The "Hanma power cm6d28/18 engine research and development project scientific and technological progress award conference" was held grandly.

the success of Hanma engine research and development not only enhanced the core competitiveness of Valin Xingma, enhanced the voice of the market, but also improved the technical level of the heavy truck industry and accelerated the process of vertical industrial integration under the background of economic restructuring and industrial transformation and upgrading. Chairman Liu Hanru said at the commendation meeting that the success of the engine project is a milestone in the development process of Valin Xingma company. It not only painted a heavy painting for China's core components, but also made Valin Xingma stand in the leading position in the industry. Our success today is not only the expansion of the plant scale and the advanced plant equipment, but also the establishment of a cohesive team, which marks that we are at the same starting point with the competition of world-class brands, so as to promote the continuous development of China's automotive industry

2. Hannover's strong blow to the Chinese style Hualing triggered the shock wave of the fourth round of Chinese cars

from September 25 to October 3, 2014, the 65th International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition (IAA) in Hannover, Germany was held grandly, and the world's mainstream commercial vehicle enterprises showed their latest products and technological achievements. This Hannover international exhibition is the fourth time for Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises to participate. Five Chinese enterprises have participated in the exhibition, and the scale and technical level of the exhibition have made great progress. Among them, Valin has created many firsts among Chinese exhibitors: Valin is the fourth time to participate in Hannover international exhibition, and it is the earliest and most frequently participated commercial vehicle enterprise in China; The booth area reaches 690 square meters, which is the largest; The exhibition scale is the largest, and the product line is also the most complete. A total of 5 exhibition vehicles, 2 engines, 2 gearboxes and 2 axles were brought

Hannover is blowing China's wind. Hualing triggered the fourth round of shock wave of Chinese cars.

this exhibition is a comprehensive summary and exhibition of technological innovation of Hualing in the past 10 years, and it is the first real "sword" of China's commercial vehicle technology. From the whole vehicle to the core parts, all of them are new products independently developed by Valin. The technical level is leading at home and reaching the international advanced level. The completion can be said to represent the highest level of China's commercial vehicle technology. The rapid pace of Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises represented by Valin has put unprecedented pressure on their counterparts in the world. The Mercedes Benz R & D team also made a special trip to the Valin booth to observe and study

3. The 2014 national tour exhibition of Valin Xingma Hanma and xingkaima series new products was launched in Shanghai

on July 20, 2014, the 2014 national tour exhibition of Valin Xingma automobile group Hanma and xingkaima series products with the theme of "technology, innovation and brand journey" was launched in Shanghai

the 2014 national tour of new products of Valin Xingma Hanma and xingkaima series was launched in Shanghai

this year's tour exhibition not only exhibited the Hanma engine, but also grandly launched 12 vehicle products: Hanma series and xingkaima H9 series. Among them, Hanma series is another brand-new product platform launched by Hualing Xingma after Valin heavy truck, xingkaima and China Star, which adopts the frame structure, including two sub platforms of Hanma H6 and Hanma H3. Han Ma series has made great breakthroughs in body, electrical, power, chassis and other aspects compared with competitive brands, with outstanding characteristics of intelligence and safety

this year's national tour lasted about half a year, covering all the mainstream sales areas of Valin Xingma in the country. Nearly 100 terminal activities were held, which effectively publicized Valin Xingma's new products, improved Valin Xingma's brand awareness, narrowed the distance between Valin Xingma and national customers, and achieved a complete success

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