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How Wuhan jubaipin electromechanical equipment will cope with the new opportunities in the wholesale market of hardware and electric tools

brand strategy is an important part of the enterprise's development strategy, Press the start button to start the electromechanical system (the red signal lamp Liangmin recently conducted a special interview on the economic development of electric tool brands, visited representative enterprises, and investigated the development path of enterprise brand construction. On May 28, jubaipin electromechanical equipment, as a highlight enterprise of independent brand construction, people entered jubaipin to have an in-depth understanding of the development of jubaipin electric tool brands Worx Vickers and Rockwell.

the delegation first came to the jubaipin exhibition hall to understand the development of jubaipin Process, product innovation and marketing innovation. Jubaipin now has two high-end brands, Worx Vickers and Rockwell. Its products cover family DIY, professional tools and garden tools. After more than ten years of brand development, its products, brands and styles have been successfully accepted by major customers in the world's mainstream markets such as Europe and the United States. Its brand products have covered more than 50 countries and regions, and its product sales have maintained a stable growth

a series of innovative products of jubaipin in the exhibition hall attracted a line of people to stop and ask questions. Jubaipin always pays attention to product research and development and scientific and technological innovation. Starting from the needs of consumers, it is committed to providing users with a more convenient and humanized product experience. Take Vickers worxjawsaw tiger as an example. Most traditional chain saws are heavy and need to be operated with both hands, so their use safety is low. While Vickers worxjawsaw has set a protective sleeve at the saw blade, which greatly improves the safety of the operator, which must comprehensively consider the energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. It can be operated with one hand, which improves the convenience of operation

then, the delegation had a special exchange on the transformation and development of jubaipin. Jubaipin focuses on the highlights and achievements in brand strategy, R & D and innovation, and introduces the efforts made by jubaipin in practicing green environmental protection. In the process of brand development, jubaipin has always fulfilled the mission of being a corporate citizen, gave back to the society with practical actions, and is committed to creating a cultural atmosphere of green manufacturing, green research and development, green office and green life, so as to realize the harmonious unity between man and nature

adhere to the main innovation and brand strategy of "automobile lightweight achievement exhibition area" and focus on green environmental protection. Jubaipin electromechanical equipment is exploring a path of enterprise innovation and development from a broad perspective. Conclusion: Worx Vickers and Rockwell will also be major brands to continuously inject fresh elements into the domestic and foreign electric tool industry

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