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How will we do mobile office when Tongda OA launches new products

the development of informatization is changing people's way of life, but also changing people's way of work. With the development of mobile communication equipment, the exchange of information is becoming more open, transparent and fast, and puts forward a new demand for office. Mobile office anytime and anywhere has evolved into a social rigid demand

on May 5, 2016, Tongda Xinke, the leader of China collaborative OA software, held a new conference of Tongda OA 2016 with the theme of open collaboration and successful customization in Beijing, and launched a new generation of new products for application integration and self built applications. The future development of lithium-ion battery electrolytes needs to focus on the following problems: solutions

looking at the enterprise management applications in today's Internet era, many features are indispensable. For example, instant messaging, mobile office, efficient process approval and collaborative management, and these also need to have flexible customizability and scalability. When cloud computing changes the traditional transmission mode between organizations and with the outside, such as the completion of cross platform applications, it requires a mobile OA platform system that can achieve one touch, multi-point linkage, powerful function, stable performance and rapid response, and a good collaborative OA software can help enterprises build an efficient management platform, realize standardized process management, and improve communication and collaboration efficiency through mobile office, Help enterprises reduce operating costs and improve competitiveness at the same time

the core design concept of Tongda OA 2016 is to emphasize the significance of synergy. Polyoxymethylene is an engineering plastic with good performance. To a large extent, the 2016 edition also embodies the wisdom of users and the innovative spirit of knowledgeable people. With the double-edged sword of openness and customization, it has pushed the OA practice concept of collaborative office and efficient communication to another peak. Liu Xiangqian, technical director of Tongda Xinke Technology Co., Ltd., said

open Internet and efficient collaboration

Tongda oa2016 will create an efficient and collaborative office environment for customers, and the system will follow the principle of full coverage of administrative offices, thus significantly reducing operating costs; Create 3in1 unified communication, multi terminal message synchronous mobile office, and handle work affairs anytime and anywhere; Task management, division of labor and cooperation, and work progress at a glance; Knowledge management, strengthening the precipitation of knowledge reserves, realizing learning management, and so on

private cloud + access, and the demand is only 28gwh Private customization of cloud OA enterprise level cloud services

with the rise of cloud computing technology, more and more enterprises and units are building cloud platforms and applying cloud computing to varying degrees. Nowadays, hybrid IT architecture has been widespread, and hybrid it will inevitably become the inevitable destination of enterprise information development. At present, Tongda is cooperating with HP Enterprise Group on high-energy cloud computing business, and redefines the delivery mode of enterprise IT services with the technical thinking of hybrid cloud to open cloud computing, that is, through business pre installed systems, users can quickly experience convenient and fast cloud applications. In addition, the super integration group of private cloud and collaborative office. 3. Experimental operation height: 500mm Hequan, which allows users to enjoy low-cost rental of enterprise level cloud servers, and can carry out advanced visual collaborative management at will. Under this achievement, customers will enjoy rich and considerable benefits similar to the elastic capacity of the public cloud in the private cloud environment

public cloud + Tongda cloud OA reduces the burden of informatization for small and medium-sized enterprises

Tongda is currently working with Alibaba cloud to provide complete cloud computing based IT solutions for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises. Tongda cloud OA product has been on the Alibaba cloud market since November 2015, and nearly 2000 users have purchased it so far. The most famous thing about Tongda cloud product is that the purchasing users can quickly open and use it through Alibaba cloud ECS server and the cloud OA image we provide. The whole process from order to production to delivery takes only oneortwo minutes. In addition to a better purchase experience, buyers can also enjoy the 7-day unreasonable return and free after-sales technical support services promised by Tongda and Alibaba cloud

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