How will the price of base paper change in 2019

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How will the price of base paper change in 2019

the opening drama of 2019 is that the price of base paper continues to rise. Although the level 2 and 3 factories responded indifferently, "up a hair". We have all maintained the universal experimental machine, mainly the main engine maintenance, oil source maintenance and control system maintenance: after the holiday. However, the price rise throughout the whole year of 2018 has not stopped. If it can rise, it is "rise", and if it can't rise, it is also "rise". One word is to "rise", although it eventually ends in false rise and real fall

how will the price of base paper change in 2019

an unfinished task will be put into 19 years, so it is necessary to answer a question: how will the price of base paper change in 2019? Up? Fall? Maintain stability in entanglement

in 17 years, both volume and price rose, and profits increased significantly; In 18 years, the volume did not increase, the price did not rise but did not fall, and the basic high price was used to maintain high profits. It is unlikely that the price will rise in 19 years, but it is less likely to fall. We will continue to maintain the shutdown and price protection strategy

in 19 years, paper mills not only want to expand production capacity, but also want to maintain high prices. In a word, asking price is more important than quantity; In the case of low demand, the paperboard factory needs to boost the selling price and gross profit, and does not want to continue the 18 year zero profit sales model. In a word, asking price is more important than quantity

in 18 years, the third level factory was low-priced cardboard and high-priced cartons, but the quantity was less. In 19 years, the problem faced was not cardboard price or environmental protection. The key was where to find the order? In this way, there will be profit grabbing in all links. If there is grabbing, there will be struggle. No one wants to let his fat meat into others' bowls, then the decisive battle begins

decisive battle? Who fought with whom

decisive battle between paper mill and paperboard mill

what is the decisive battle between these two links? Not price

because the paper mills have a firm grip on the pricing power of base paper under the condition of growing larger step by step and gradually forming a market monopoly. In domestic paper mills, they control the purchase price of national waste, the sale price of base paper and the total supply of base paper, and basically master the pricing power through these three links; In foreign countries, through acquisition, equity participation, new factories, the layout of pulp and paper-making two links; In the capital market, the development status of domestic spring testing machine is discussed through the products of our factory in the pulp period. Adjusting the forward pulp expected price can not only hedge the risk, but also guide the forward paper price. Therefore, paper mills have basically firmly grasped the pricing power of paper prices by taking advantage of domestic advantages, foreign layout and futures regulation. It is difficult to plummet paper prices

the possibility of decisive price is ruled out, and the rest is the decisive sales of paper mills and paperboard mills! How will this evolve? Paper mills will have two strategies for paperboard mills

continue to sell base paper at that price, whether you buy it or not. In fact, there are not many options for the paperboard factory. These are the only ones that can be supplied on the market. If you don't buy it, it means that the supply is unstable. Some manufacturers may import from abroad to offset the domestic high price paper, but because the trading cycle is too long, it normally takes days of trading period. During this trading period, domestic paper mills use this time difference to give you a strategic price reduction when you arrive in Hong Kong, which makes you cry and laugh, and you also risk the exchange rate

the other hand is to grab paperboard orders. Facing the increasingly obvious problem of extending the industrial chain of paper mills, paper mills are no longer satisfied with the simple business model of papermaking and selling paper, and gradually enter the downstream links quickly. Although a leading enterprise only briefly tried the strategy of grabbing paperboard orders at a low price in 18 years and soon stopped, this attempt should not be simply regarded as a bow to the market and admit defeat, but may be a beneficial attempt. It will continue to try in 19 years. This attempt is not only a test of the new model, but also an alarm for the paperboard factory, warning the paperboard factory not to try to reduce the price by using the quantity. If I don't obey, I can sell the paperboard directly myself. At the same time, Shanying and other paper mills have experienced curve traversal and reproduction experiments and graphics processing functions in the extension of the industrial chain, and have tasted great benefits. Based on the layout of the whole industrial chain, they have brought three benefits: stable sales price, stable sales volume and stable profit growth

two strategies: one is to ensure stability and the other is to ensure growth. What is stable is sales and what is growing is profits

cardboard factory and tertiary factory battle

what do they fight? Order, carton order

after 18 years of ups and downs, the whole cardboard factory did not take advantage. Facing the continuous contraction of carton orders, the strong cardboard factory encountered Waterloo in 18 years. When the price of base paper rises, paperboard dare not rise, and the price of base paper falls, and the processing fee is on the edge of loss. There is only one reason. The supply of cardboard factories is too large, but the demand for cartons is reduced, and the cardboard factories quickly lose the right to speak between large and small. Of course, the cardboard factory will learn from the pain. The long-term plan is no longer as simple as selling cardboard. Only truly mastering carton orders is the lifeline. Where necessary, since carton orders are needed to take the initiative, what is the killer mace for grabbing carton orders

price! Low price is the only choice for carton end-users. Carton users first care about price, and second care about supply capacity and service capacity. It can be said that "price" is a powerful hammer for carton users, invincible

then how to operate the carton price strategy of the cardboard factory

first, face end customers directly, make room to add carton equipment, recruit salespeople, and enter the market. Use the normal cardboard price plus 0 4 of the processing fee to sell cartons, but this processing fee is the cost for the third level factory to maintain basic production, which shows that the third level factory has no resistance. In this way, the paperboard factory can occupy the market at a low price, so as to stabilize the sales volume and price of paperboard, reduce the competition of paperboard peers in the market, and firmly grasp the market demand

second, the same carton processing strategy faces the third level factory. The paperboard factory can not directly face the users, but the tertiary factory only needs to transfer the carton processing business to the paperboard factory and lock the paperboard supply at the same time. In short, our paperboard factory does not rob your customers, but the tertiary factory must buy our paperboard at the normal price and entrust the paperboard factory to use 0 The processing fee of 4 is the processing fee of the third level factory. In this way, tier one and tier three factories have no other choice without the trouble of processing and reducing profits

if the cardboard factory directly faces the end users of cartons as "bride grabbing", then the cardboard factory processing cartons for the tertiary factory is a "binding couple". The decisive battle of this link will be more obvious and faster in 19 years

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