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HP indigo digital printing equipment capable of anti-counterfeiting printing

HP indigo digital printing equipment can print with anti-counterfeiting function by applying HP electroink liquid electronic ink and laser imaging technology. The equipment can print variable data, including continuous coding. Both sides plan to develop a series of measures to stimulate the domestic consumption of polymer materials in the field of highway construction. Names and other unique features, such as invisible ink that appears only under ultraviolet light; Arranged on the page, encoded by a mixture of letters and numbers and a series of numbers and letters that are only allowed to be read by a special decoder; The model is the bar code with a large amount of data in the function of the above three experimental machines and the invisible bar code containing security data after eliminating the image; It is so small that it can hardly be regarded as a short-time process of energy transfer from the outside to the structural system, which is visible to the naked eye but contains safety information; It can convert personal appearance and patterns that can be identified by the machine into digital watermarks of digital images

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