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In the digital future, HP took the lead in Beijing, China. On May 25, 2011, Hewlett Packard (HP) held a digital printing and publishing industry seminar called "riding the digital wave, CO printing and publishing the future", which is also the first digital printing seminar in China's publishing industry. The purpose of this seminar is to create a platform for communication, interaction and display for the supply and demand parties in the publishing industry chain, including publishers, publishing groups, printing groups, and booksellers, and to jointly discuss the future trend of digital publishing and digital printing in China

zhangshuangru, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Printing Technology Association, was invited to attend the seminar and highly affirmed the positive significance of digital technology in promoting the strategic transformation of the publishing industry. At the symposium, senior people of global on-demand publishing shared the impact of the digitalization wave of the publishing industry in Europe and the United States and the ways of enterprises to cope, which brought the innovative thinking of Chinese publishers; HP shared the latest digital printing solutions and progress customized for the domestic publishing industry; Jinghua Yintong, the first domestic manufacturer to adopt HP digital printing solutions, also expressed its imagination for the future

digital wave, rebuild Publishing Rules

on May 19, Amazon announced that the sales of digital books of Kindle e-book reader have exceeded that of printed books. Jeffbezos, the founder of Amazon, said that we had great hopes for this kind of thing to happen. However, we never thought it would happen so fast. We have been selling printed books for 15 years, and if we fail to sell Kindle books, it almost covers all kinds of materials; Less than 4 years

this is only an example of the impact of the digital wave on traditional publishing. In fact, the digital wave has stirred up the publishing industry and stimulated the effective demand for personalized publishing and small batch printing. Many novels once popular in Japan have been printed into volumes by publishing houses, which is also a typical example of the symbiosis of digital publishing and traditional publishing

in developed countries such as Britain and the United States, the publishing industry has used digital printing technology to achieve sales before printing, overturning the traditional publishing process and making traditional publishing revitalize. Digital printing makes it possible to print on demand. Long selling books will not be short of inventory because of their long publishing time, so that they will never be out of print. It also greatly reduces the waste of inventory and transportation, and kills many birds with one stone

in China, the birthplace of printing, traditional printing methods have increasingly become an obstacle to the development of the publishing industry: unable to print on demand, making 55% of the more than 10 million new books published every year out of print; Due to cost considerations, niche content cannot be published and disseminated; Printing volume leads to long-term inventory and waste of some books; Transportation and storage costs are rising due to a large number of off-site transportation and sales

fortunately, in China, digital publishing has been officially incorporated into the national 12th Five Year Plan and has been elevated to an unprecedented strategic height. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, strive to make the number of green printing enterprises account for 30% of the total number of printing enterprises in China; The output value of digital printing accounts for more than 20% of the total output value of printing in China. These goals reflect the main direction of industrial strategic transformation

The emergence of digital printing will solve a series of problems faced by the publishing industry and rebuild the rules of the publishing industry

the digital future, and the metal, mining and mining industries, Hewlett Packard took the lead

as the leader of the global printing industry, Hewlett Packard has a wide range of graphic printing solutions, covering almost all forms of printing - including publishing, direct mail, Bill advertising, labels. With its stable and excellent production capacity, complete workflow Reliable partner solutions and a wide range of ink and media choices have become the first choice for users in the graphic printing industry. According to lnfofrends' statistics, HP Indigo's market share in the Asia Pacific market has reached 72% in 2010

For more than 20 years, HP has been growing together with China's economy, and has also been paying attention to the innovation and development of China's publishing industry. As early as many years ago, HP recognized the general trend of digitalization in the publishing industry and the practical problems in the Chinese market, and tried its best to meet the changing needs of the Chinese market. Ms. Xu man, general manager of lndigo/inkjet digital printing business department of China HP Co., Ltd., pointed out that the digital printing equipment and solutions provided by HP have significant advantages in cost, and can carry out small batch printing at a very low price, making it possible to print on demand; Personalized printing can be carried out, and publishing is more flexible and convenient; The printing quality catches up with and surpasses offset printing, and the efficiency is higher; Outstanding environmental performance advantages, which can well meet the needs of green printing. We will help the development of digital publishing in China with the best equipment

not long ago, at the second China International Printing Technology Exhibition held in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, HP launched a series of digital printing solutions, including the latest high-speed inkjet rotary digital printer and indigo digital printer, to help users in the publishing industry build competitive advantages and seize new profit opportunities

more gratifying is that HP digital printing solutions have been increasingly recognized in the Chinese market. At present, the first HP indigo w7200 digital printing graphene in China can be used in many advanced materials and devices, and the brush machine has been settled in Beijing Jinghua Yintong Business Co., Ltd. CTPs, a large-scale Book manufacturer, has become the first user of HP high-speed inkjet digital rotary printing machine in Asia. With the help of new equipment, it can effectively reduce waste and inventory costs caused by excessive printing, so as to simplify operations and reduce production costs. In addition, Dongguan tiger color group also purchased two HP indigo 7500 digital printing machines, announcing its official entry into the field of digital printing

relio maruggi, vice president, vice president and manager of HP printing and imaging system adjustment inkjet production solutions division, said that customers in the global publishing industry need to speed up the digital transformation to improve efficiency, reduce waste and achieve environmental protection. The installation and implementation effect of HP high-speed inkjet rotary printer abroad is very satisfactory, and I believe it will also achieve great success in the Chinese market

digital solutions have brought new growth points to the publishing industry. In 2010 alone, HP high-speed inkjet digital printing machine produced about 1.46 billion stationery sized pages, serving many world-class book publishing enterprises

digitalization is the future of the publishing industry, which has been recognized by people in the industry. Whoever becomes the leader of digital publishing will occupy the commanding height of the publishing industry in the future. Let's stand on the crest of the wave, become the driver of this digital wave, and jointly print a better future for the publishing industry! Global vice president of HP printing and imaging systems group. Mr. Qian Yue, general manager of China, expressed his confidence in the digital printing market

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