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Kunnet company launched a free call center solution

ctiforum news on February 2 (compiler/Liu Yu): kunnet, a cloud based call center solution provider, has promoted the collaborative development division of scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation and open innovation, and recently announced the launch of kunnet free, a cost-free call center solution

kunnet free is an xVp managed call center solution driven by kunnet. Instead of the software that pays the monthly fee, the call center can manage incoming and outgoing calls anywhere in the world by visiting the kunnect free station. This product provides predictive dialing; Automatic call distributor of intelligent call queue; CRM script supports call handling of script, prompt and external page integration; Provide real-time statistics and historical reports on the working efficiency of the seat representative, the sample position held by the movable position and the indicators. Its webagent software includes SIP and CRM packages in the browser, so there is no need to install any software on the local computer

todd E. Fisch, managing director of argosy BPO, said: "Kunnet free is going to redefine the metal faced polystyrene sandwich panel jc689 (1) 998 type, the global outsourcing business we run. More than 1000 call center agent representatives from eight countries around the world can save more than $1million per year by using kunnet free cloud based call center solution. Kunnet people use the full phase microscope to inspect the metal microstructure. The CT mode enables us to centrally manage the security of customer data, and can Manage all seats and performance. "

kunnet free and xVp managed call center solutions are hosted in Amazon cloud. This solution can work with any browser and can be launched in a few minutes to meet the needs of any load

fred c t é, President of kunnet, said: "kunnet free brings the performance and simplicity of call center technology to global call centers without cost, while other manufacturers strive to improve their performance prices. Kunnet free has determined our clear leadership in the market."

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