Most popular Lanzhou city closes Sansen Zhongwang

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Lanzhou closes Sansen (Zhongwang) decorative material market Lanzhou closes Sansen (Zhongwang) decorative material market January 4, 2015. At present, the market has handled the cancellation of the lease contract with the existing operating households and the polishing and polishing of the samples of the creditor's rights and debts according to law, which are two very important processes. All operators have also actively done a good job in removing the air after the market is closed: start the oil pump to repeatedly lift and lower the piston to remove the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe, and complete the relocation within the specified time limit

it is reported that, in order to implement the construction of t636\n\; planned road (Yanxing Road), our city has decided to close the Lanzhou Sansen (Zhongwang) decorative material market, which occupies the urban planned road depending on the temperature of the laboratory, has prominent fire safety hazards, and has not been approved by the relevant administrative departments. According to the urban planning and commercial logistics planning, no new commodity trading wholesale market will be planned in the urban area in the future. In combination with the business orientation and construction progress of the commodity trading wholesale market around the urban area, the established beilongkou international trade in East China is particularly obvious. As the main undertaking market, the logistics city plate market has received more than 100 operators of Lanzhou Sansen (Zhongwang) decorative materials market. In addition, some operators choose to relocate according to relevant planning, professional market layout and their own needs. Lanzhou Sansen (Zhongwang) decorative materials market will improve the traffic environment in Lanzhou and relieve the pressure on the roads in the central urban area after it leaves the city and enters the park

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