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Kunming Sanchuan prepares to build the country's first popular science base for wire and cable production technology original title: Kunming Sanchuan prepares to build the country's first popular science base for wire and cable production technology since 2017, Kunming Sanchuan has set up a project to tackle new energy vehicle charging pile cable products

On January 7, one of the key projects of Yangzonghai scenic spot in Kunming in the first quarter of 2020, the R & D and industrialization project of new energy vehicle charging pile cable invested and constructed by Kunming Sanchuan wire and cable Co., Ltd. (Kunming Sanchuan company) officially started. Guosongchuan, chairman of Kunming Sanchuan company, disclosed that the construction period of the project is expected to be 9 months, with a total investment of 220million yuan; After completion, it will not only be a modern wire and cable production base integrating R & D and production, but also a production technology popularization base representing the highest productivity level of wire and cable industry in Southwest China. "This will be the first popular science base in China with the theme of wire and cable production technology."

revitalize the old brand industry in Kunming

the new energy vehicle charging pile cable R & D and industrialization project is the second phase project of Kunming Sanchuan company. Kunming Sanchuan company, founded in 2008, invested 260million yuan in 2016 to build phase I production base project in Yangzonghai Qidian Industrial Park. The largest production line is used to produce special wires and cables for rail transit. In September, 2017, phase I was completed and put into operation. After putting into operation, the production line has been operating at full capacity. The upgrading of equipment has brought about a substantial increase in production capacity. Coupled with the good benefits brought by a new product with higher added value and stronger market competitiveness - special wires and cables for rail transit, Kunming Sanchuan company has grown rapidly, becoming a new upstart in the private enterprises of Kunming wires and cables, and was selected as the eighth "top 100 enterprises in Yunnan Province" in 2019

"the first wire produced in China was born in Kunming. The production and manufacturing of wires and cables in Kunming has a long history and is an indispensable part of Kunming's industrial civilization." In guosongchuan's view, although wire and cable is a traditional industry, it is also a basic industry in all walks of life of national economic construction, which is highly irreplaceable. Guosongchuan has been thinking about how to revitalize old brand industries since he started his business

the total planned construction area of phase II project is more than 20000 square meters. In addition to the production workshop, it also includes process research center, R & D test center and application simulation center. "Our production line will purchase the most advanced equipment to reduce the complexity of the problem. At the same time, we will integrate production, R & D, testing and other functions to build the workshop into a popular science base for wire and cable production technology." Guosongchuan introduced that customers and even citizens can see how the wires used in life and the cables used in the subway are produced; In the application simulation center, you can visually see how these wires and cables work. "In this way, I hope to show the innovative development of Kunming wire and cable industry and establish a brand."

In recent years, a number of private wire and cable enterprises in Kunming, represented by Kunming Sanchuan company, have supported the innovation and development of the industry, and the enterprises themselves have also grown rapidly. In 2018, relying on the new growth point of the new product special wire and cable for rail transit, the output value of Kunming Sanchuan company achieved a year-on-year growth of 117%; In 2019, the output value exceeded 1billion yuan, reaching a new level

after the phase II project is put into operation, 13450km of rail transit control cables, 12600km of new energy vehicle charging pile cables and 8900km of 5g digital cables can be added every year. "New energy vehicle charging pile cable will be a new growth point." Guosongchuan said confidently

2017, Kunming Sanchuan company began to project and tackle key problems of new energy vehicle charging pile cable products, with the goal of improving charging efficiency in the cable link. In november2018, the first generation of products was put into use in Kunming Dali high-speed charging pile. "Now the efficiency of the latest third-generation products can reach 32%." Guosongchuan disclosed that the company has signed a framework agreement with the energy investment group, and the third generation products will be used for the charging pile project of the energy investment group this year

5g digital cable, which is currently being tackled, is also the leading industry in the layout of phase II project. The demand for high-speed 5g signal transmission puts forward a better personalized and customized demand for the digital cable connecting the base station. "5g digital cable cannot have a connection interface, just as cars can drive faster on the flat highway, the largest R & D base in northern Europe, and can't afford to run on uneven urban and rural roads." Guosongchuan said that due to the personalized and customized needs of this foam granulator, only a few enterprises outside the province can order products, but the after-sales maintenance cost is very high. Yunnan iron tower company and other enterprises are trying to find cooperation with local wire and cable enterprises, "this is an opportunity for us."

however, for the future of 5g digital cable, guosongchuan believes that opportunities and risks coexist. "Our company is the beneficiary of scientific and technological innovation, and technology has brought us development. There are many changes in the future of 5g, and there may be new technologies to replace the transmission of digital cables." Guosongchuan said that despite the risk 4 is to promote the construction of new material industrial base, it will continue to invest in research and development, and find more breakthroughs for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional wire and cable industry. (Photo Report by Wu Jie)

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