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In the middle of September, 2018, in Lahore International Convention and Exhibition Center, Punjab province, Pakistan, laigong participated in the 2018 Pakistan industrial exhibition and China Electronics, hardware and building materials export commodities exhibition. The data corresponding to each point on the observation curve can be magnified, shrunk and clicked, which has become a link between China and Pakistan's economic and trade friendship An important bridge for Chinese enterprises to explore the Pakistani market

2018 Pakistan industrial exhibition and China Electromechanical, hardware and building materials export commodities exhibition opened grandly

according to the implementation requirements of Shandong's "going global" strategy, laigong international actively cooperated with the exhibition organizing committee, received strong support from the foreign business department of Shandong Province, and successfully completed the exhibition task. Under the guidance of the national "the Belt and Road" initiative, we will deepen and better develop policy communication with Central Asia and even countries and regions around the world, promote the company's products to go out and stand firm, build a larger import and export business channel through the international business system, and fulfill the requirements of the company's strategic planning

the main function of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan is to clamp and fix the samples. Consul general Lahore inspected the booth of Shandong laigong international.

laigong international took the initiative to contact relevant local government agencies and Chinese enterprises in this exhibition, and through in-depth communication, learned about local small-scale demand and market conditions. Pakistani government organizations, builders' associations, agricultural machinery associations and other professional institutions with high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance are invited to participate in the product promotion conference of Shandong laigong. Through the promotion and exhibition, Pakistani government and professional institutions and merchants can more intuitively see the situation of Shandong laigong enterprises and have a deeper understanding of laigong products

the exhibition team was led by liuweili, manager of laigong international marketing department. The team made a comprehensive product display for customers and implemented the service of the company's overseas business in front of the exhibition site, which was highly praised and recognized by many customers. Through the special product promotion meeting, customers can have a more comprehensive understanding of the company and products, and solve the problem of after-sales service after purchasing products

the successful holding of this exhibition has enabled the company to once again increase its overseas market experience in implementing the "going out" strategy. Never forget the original intention, build a dream and move forward. We will build a brilliant career with customers all over the world! Congratulations again on the success of 2018 Pakistan industrial exhibition and China Electromechanical, hardware and building materials export commodities exhibition! (this article is from laigong)

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