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At the beginning of the new year, Kunshan Baolv plastic resource recycling treatment Co., Ltd. has not been fully put into production, and many merchants have come to negotiate business. Taiwan's Jie @b panel key function Limei company has set up a plastic fiber imitation wood product factory near the "green protection" to reduce the amount of packaging waste and "digest" the "green protection" recycled plastic particles on site

the "green protection" company located in Shipu Town, Qianshan City, Kunming 5 is a factory jointly invested and established by some manufacturers engaged in the production of foamed plastic disposable lunch boxes in Suzhou and Shanghai. It specializes in recycling "white pollution" and regenerating it into plastic particles. The total investment of "green protection" is more than 10million yuan. After being put into operation, it can "swallow" about 250 tons of foamed plastics, plastic bags and other waste plastics every month, and turn them into non-toxic and odorless "materials" such as various building materials, disc packaging shells, air conditioning filtration, buttons, cultural appliances and so on

according to authoritative estimates, the total amount of waste plastics in Suzhou in the whole year is about 350 tons, while the amount of "green keeping" is about 3000 tons a year. Therefore, while "green keeping" ensures "eating" the "white pollution" in Suzhou, it also focuses on the test items: tensile, compression and endurance, creep, relaxation tests, low cycle fatigue and creep fatigue tests. Recently, 900000 waste foamed plastic lunch boxes have been "packaged" from Shanghai to Kunshan "Baolv" company

"Baolv" company is most worried about "insufficient food" and is looking for food everywhere. Judging from the current situation, the supply of recycled plastic particles is in short supply, and the industry that turns "white" into "gold" has broad prospects

(from Sinopec News)

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