10 sweet household items in the name of summer Smo

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With the cool summer wind, ignite your summer, keep your enthusiasm in life, and enjoy the icy sand warm summer. Presumably, these sweet and elegant smoothies will bring you a touch of refreshing in the summer

recommendation 1: couple Tiancheng Swan porcelain bottle

brand: France blue porcelain

price: 7688 yuan

reason for recommendation: This Swan porcelain bottle adopts a series of pink tones mixed with swan relief design, which is delicate, layered, and extremely artistic

recommendation 2: Bracelet

brand: Valentino

price: 5863 yuan

reason for recommendation: this bracelet is small and exquisite, with pink and tender colors and shiny metal small decorations, which are unforgettable. The small and fresh design is very suitable for little girls with girlish feelings

recommendation 3: Mini green pepper jar (Orange)

brand: cool color

price: 318 yuan

reason for recommendation: the novel and unique green pepper shape is unique and creative, coupled with the matching of orange and orange, it is more interesting. The small green pepper pot is a good practical decoration wherever it is placed

recommendation 4: wooden rainbow wall clock

brand: keliter

price: 599 yuan

reason for recommendation: this Rainbow wall clock is made of wood, with great texture, quite graffiti color, full of artistic sense, faintly emitting a light rebellious color, which is very unique

recommendation 5: bow terrace felisha bag

brand: Kate Spade

price: the new product is not priced

reason for recommendation: the mild color of ice cream makes people unable to resist its charm. This bag is very feminine without losing its naughty flavor, fresh and elegant, and full of temperament

recommendation 6: Dinner handbag

brand: givenchy

price: price negotiation in the store

recommendation reason: this dinner handbag is simple and elegant, with noble color and elegant buckle design, which is very feminine, and elegant temperament naturally reveals

recommendation 7: Wedge Sandals

brand: Stella McCartney from Lane Crawford

price: 6200 yuan

reason for recommendation: the bright surface of this shoe is very artistic and full of aura. The shoes have pointed high heels, which are very feminine. The wedge heel design can alleviate the discomfort when walking, and it is very humanized

recommendation 8: fauteuil Club pop sofa

brand: intex

price: price negotiation in the store

recommendation reason: this sofa adopts simple white with bright ice cream color. Such a two-color matching design is simple but not monotonous, very energetic, giving people a feeling of youth

recommendation 9: fermob outdoor chair

fermob outdoor chair

brand: platform

price: 800 yuan

reason for recommendation: bright orange, simple lines, simple structure, this outdoor chair is very simple and atmospheric, and its lightweight and portable characteristics are very convenient for outdoor travel

recommendation 10: Volupte Changji

brand: rocheburg

price: price negotiation in the store

recommendation reason: the faint Matcha tone is extremely Japanese elegant style, the elegant shape is full of temperament, and the artistic design on the surface of Changji is very retro, with a sense of precipitation of years

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