Steal scriptures from Twilight city and create 89

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Anyone who has watched Twilight will think that the home decoration in American TV series is also great! isn't it? When you see Isabella Swan coming home with vampire Edward, do you already feel very warm? In fact, American home style is an inclusive style. Come with Xiaobian to see those warm and beautiful American home styles in twilight city

this home decoration scene in twilight is very common in the United States. In the United States, from interior design to home furnishing design, rural style has always occupied an important position. The rural style of the United States has a special nostalgic and romantic complex, which also makes the rural style of the United States compete with the classical luxury of the court style

in twilight, this home decoration is also very popular with Xiaobian. Because American furniture also pays attention to the rationality of color matching. For example, the bed in the bedroom is warm brown, so the main color of the bedroom is suitable to match blue, red or khaki. Such a bedroom can better reflect the taste and cultural temperament of the owner





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