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Speaking of formaldehyde, we all know that it is a killer of health, ranging from illness to death. Its harm principle will not be repeated here, but if you are asked to tell the source of formaldehyde, you may not be able to say why for a while, let me tell you

first, how to choose healthy plates

the harm of formaldehyde can no longer be underestimated

speaking of formaldehyde, everyone knows that it is a killer of health, ranging from illness to death. Its harm principle will not be repeated here, but if you tell the source of formaldehyde, you may not be able to say why at the moment, let me tell you

plywood, no stranger to those who have done decoration, has high structural strength and good stability. It is a furniture making material that can be seen everywhere in life. As the name suggests, plywood is made of three or odd layers of wood veneers of different materials, but the adhesive used in the production contains formaldehyde, so furniture made of plywood will release formaldehyde and other harmful gases, which are harmful to human health. This fully tells people that they should not be greedy for bargains in the purchase of furniture. Sometimes a temporary benefit may have to be paid back with a lifetime of health

plywood: if you peel my heart layer by layer, you will be surprised. You will find that it is full of formaldehyde

cheap boards are inferior and harmful, and high-quality boards are expensive and difficult to afford. What should I do? Xiaobian secretly tells you that there are good and cheap plates

that's guante anion board

guante negative ion board, the principle of which is the fourth generation board processed by covering a layer of material with positive and negative electrodes (called negative ion catalyst) on the melamine veneer with nano high technology. As long as the humidity in the air is not zero, it will be continuously transformed into negative ions, forming a permanent negative ion emission function, absorbing positively charged dust, formaldehyde molecules and other harmful micro dust in the indoor air, so that you can live at ease, Live at ease! After testing, the wardrobe made of guante anion board can release up to 20000 negative ions/cubic centimeter, just like living in the forest. At the same time, high concentration of negative ions is conducive to the growth of human life. Choosing guante anion furniture will be a great gift for your family and lover. Don't you act now

now, guante formaldehyde removal day is in full swing in guante home activity stores nationwide. During this period, there are many discounts and prizes. Time is running out. Take your relatives and friends to the store and take your favorite anion furniture home

second, how to choose solid wood furniture

as we all know, solid wood furniture has the natural beauty of natural atmosphere, environmental protection and health, and has the unique fragrance of natural wood. Compared with other panel furniture, solid wood furniture can be used all the time as long as it is properly maintained. This quality of life is eternal

the reason why solid wood furniture is expensive is that wood resources are scarce. The production process of solid wood furniture is very exquisite, and the three processes of high-pressure drying, finalization and painting are essential. However, the production process of some brands of solid wood furniture is not up to standard, and some insect eggs have not been completely killed, so there is no clue when they are just decorated. After a period of time, the sawdust gnawed by moths will make people unbearable; Some are poorly shaped, and the wood board is bent and cracked at the time of season exchange. How to maintain it cannot be retrieved. To put an end to such troubles,

how to choose solid wood furniture

chaotic status of solid wood furniture

to buy solid wood furniture, guante North America solid wood series is the best choice

guante North American solid wood adopts high-quality imported and dried North American conifers of more than 60 years as the core material. The whole piece is spliced, which has anti-corrosion function and is not easy to warp and deform. The unique secretory gland inside the solid wood can effectively resist the biological oxidation in the air, play the role of purifying the air and preventing insects and corrosion, and absorb part of PM2.5 into the wood for decomposition. The surface is painted with koala brand imported from Australia, and the surface is strictly treated after 6 times of paint baking process to ensure that each piece of paint is of extraordinary quality

high quality core material, insect proof and anti-corrosion

no cracking and deformation, and there will be no worries after that.

furniture made of North American solid wood has fine touch, high gloss, complete products, high-end furniture design and atmosphere, which is the best choice for high-grade families





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