Avoiding the Four Misunderstandings of villa decor

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Avoid the Four Misunderstandings of villa decoration

China's middle class is increasing, and the ownership rate of villas is also rising sharply. Villa is no longer a temporary residence located in scenic spots, which only a few people can own. As a relatively independent overall building, in addition to adding more use space, the overall structure of the villa is more three-dimensional and comprehensive. If many problems such as the overall architecture design, the connection between links, construction quality, decoration style and so on are not considered comprehensively in the early stage, they will certainly lay hidden dangers for the villa life after occupancy. Therefore, villa home decoration is different from ordinary home decoration. According to the survey and statistics, most villa owners buy villas for the first time. Although they have had experience in apartment home decoration for many times, they are still ignorant about the home decoration method of villas

misunderstanding 1. In the early stage of villa decoration, there is no need for overall architecture design.

villa owners who buy houses for the first time often cannot change from the state of apartment life. Villas are different from buildings and apartments, and their living space is highly extended. Most villas add more activity and leisure areas, as well as independent courtyards, terraces and basements, in addition to ordinary living areas and sleeping areas, And the room gives residents more room to play freely. Wine cellar, gym and Spa space are deeply loved by villa owners. But how to divide so many spaces? How can each space meet the living habits of everyone at home? Is the connection and transition of each space junction reasonable? These are all issues to be considered when designing the overall architecture in the early stage

before decoration, the owner needs to have in-depth communication with the designer according to the situation of family members. Only after the designer has a deep understanding of the owner's preferences and pursuits, can he scientifically divide and reorganize the functional spaces of the villa, realize its maximum value, truly design a home environment that conforms to the characteristics of the owner, so that the residents can fully feel the convenience and humanistic care of the villa, and reflect the good taste of life

Myth 2 there are as many design styles as there are rooms

the living room is magnificent, the old people's room is simple and thick, the children's room is colorful, and the kitchen and bathroom space is modern and concise &hellip& hellip; It seems that these spaces have their own characteristics alone, but when put together, it is found that each plate is out of place and the style is scattered

to maintain the unity of the overall decoration style of the villa, the overall interior design should be carried out at the initial stage of decoration. There should be meticulous design planning for each space. The living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, and the characteristics of each space should be penetrated or echoed. The purpose is to integrate the taste of the villa without losing the characteristics of each space, so that the whole villa style is harmonious and flexible




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