The sunlight room should be equipped with such flo

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Sunshine room should be equipped with such floor to ceiling windows editor: Ronggao door industry is blooming in spring, which is the flower season of the year. In many places, the weather is not so cold and hot. At this time, the sunshine room with large-area French windows is particularly charming

of course, you can add your favorite chair or tea table to create a comfortable reading corner. There are endless choices. If you want to create a more casual holiday style, you can start with bamboo, hemp, natural fiber and other materials

it is also a crucial step to decorate a sunny room and choose furniture and decorations, because they are exposed to the sun for a long time

of course, a gorgeous sunshine room can completely change the attraction of your home, but it involves more than a single style

glass is a bridge to see this beautiful world when we are at home. Sunny gathering places are quite different, both beautiful and amazing. Bamboo and wood are also the best choice for hot climate. This material creates an informal and interesting atmosphere

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